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Lovers & Friends

In this endless sea of emotions,
I drift dreaming of only you.
Your love is the spectrum of the rainbow,
Encompassing every color and hue.

It seems like forever,
Since I kissed your lips so sweet.
Held you in my arms,
And felt your passions' heat.

I wonder if you ever dream,
Of me holding you so tight.
The way we blended as one,
Oh God, It always felt so right.

You took my hand,
And showed me all that was you.
Your love, excitement, passion and ecstasy,
A deepness only we understand....Others have no clue.

The intimacy that only we share,
With an exchange of a single glance.
A touch of a hand,
Or a moonlit water dance. (remember?)

So many memories,
I will always hold dear.
I cherish every moment,
I was able to hold you near.

But there is one thing,
I want you to remember until time ends.
That we are more than LOVERS,

We can share the memories,
Of all the love we know.
Regardless of where you are,
Our friendship can always grow.

(a true friendship (like love) can withstand anything, lets not forget ours........I miss you my friend)
(Don't you miss me?)

Valerie Rojas

"The Rose"

No one could ever know,
Just how deep my love goes.
But let it be signified,
By this Red Red Rose.

As I look upon its petals,
So brittle and dried.
I remember it's vibrance,
On that first homeward ride.

The way you held it,
The smile it brought to your face.
I knew instantly in my heart,
The Rose had found its rightful place.

As you found yours,
Here within my arms.
The Rose represents to me,
All of your wonderful charms.

The sweet fragrance,
of this your Red Rose.
Reminds me of your perfume,
The scent still fills my nose.

The radiance it gives,
Like the warmth of your embrace.
Or when we kiss so soulfully,
As I held your beautiful face.

And as my love,
It is here still.
Our love like The Rose,
Is of our soul, and can't be killed.

Signifying my love, The Rose,
Only appears to be dead.
Like my love for you, its everlasting,
And will forever be here, like this Rose so Red.

Valerie Rojas

Friends of my Soul

People come into our lives,
Like leaves fluttering on a breeze.
Once in a great while,
You'll feel at home, completely at ease.

They reach out and touch your heart,
And you know you have found a friend.
Someone you can trust and confide in,
You can depend on them to the end.

Special souls who light up our days,
And fill our hearts with a song.
They take their place within our lives,
As if that is where they always belonged.

And that is where I want them to be,
Sharing my life until the end.
So lets enjoy this glorious journey,
Take my hand and walk with me my friend.

(dedicated to all my dear friends)
Valerie Rojas

What Is My Love Worth?

In love alone,
Is the way that it seems.
In my arms, she said she was at home,
Was that the truth, or just a dream?

She said she couldn't imagine,
A life without me.
But where has she been?
I miss her so, can't she see.

Doesn't she care,
That I am dying inside?
This really isn't fair,
Because her love she is trying to hide.

She knows in her heart,
Our love is not of this earth.
But she hides my part,
Like it has no worth.

And maybe its true, I have no worth,
Compared to all her stuff.
She wants the material things of this earth,
That is why my pain is so very rough.

You see I'm not losing her love,
Because she loves another more.
And I pray to God above,
To mend her heart so it's not torn.

She knows what is keeping her there,
Human love is not a part.
To leave her stuff is more than she can bear,
Even though my love fills her heart.

Maybe I don't own
What the other has acquired.
But my love for her has constantly grown,
And I will never cheat or be a liar!

So what have I become?
I feel like an annoyance.
We used to always have fun,
And she said into her dark life a brilliance.

So what is my love worth?
Or has she hidden it so deep within herself.
Doesn't she realize a love such as ours
Brings to her a greater inner wealth?

But there is no choice for me,
To my hope, I have to hold on tight.
We both know we are soulmates you see,
And in the end soul love has to be right.

Valerie Rojas

This Time Last Year

How hard it is to face,
This Christmas alone.
It was her love last year,
That made this house a home.

Missing the cards and letters,
Christmas gifts and cheer.
Having my love with me,
As I did this time last year.

Because my memories are constantly,
Bringing me back to the year before.
Where we promised each other,
That our love was worth fighting for.

And nothing on this earth,
Could ever tear us apart.
We held tight to one another,
And our love filled our hearts.

And I didn't care,
At what cost I kept you near.
I stood strong,
And faced this new life without fear.

And still I'm not sorry,
for a moment spent with you.
I treasure each and every one,
As if they were still brand new.

It's so hard for me to believe,
That this Christmas I am all alone.
No gifts, hugs or kisses,
No one to call my own.

Valerie Rojas

Flying Free
(For you my sweet Baby Girl)

A deep penetrating emptiness,
Where my Baby Girl used to reside.
A broken heart and loneliness,
My tears and sorrow, I cannot hide.

Day in and day out,
Thoughts and memories fill my mind.
Our love has never been in doubt,
A more soulful love you'll never find.

To take you in my arms,
Is a joy beyond all words.
Kissing and caressing your body,
My total ecstasy you felt and heard.

And throughout my life,
I have never known a reaction like this.
Such total and complete satisfaction.
You give me in just one sweet passionate kiss.

How I can lose myself,
While making love with you.
How beautifully we fit together,
In everyday and thing we do.

Pressed so tightly together,
Like fine spoons on their sides.
Over your silken body,
My gentle hands do glide.

Your soft sensations,
Envelope my fingertips.
I feel you join my rhythm,
As you move into me with your hips.

But nothing is as beautiful,
As that look upon your face.
Replacing that excitement and wanting,
And ecstasy fills its place.

And just in reminiscing,
On moments such as these.
A surge of chills caress my body,
And the butterflies start flying free.

Valerie Rojas

Frozen Tears

Frozen tears,
Caress my face.
Loneliness and pain,
Has taken your place.

My heart is breaking,
With the absence of you.
I feel so helpless,
Jesus what can I do.

What have I done,
To deserve all this?
To go through my life,
Without your sweetest kiss.

Not to hold your body,
Next to mine.
I'll be a prisoner of your love,
Throughout all time.

You have chosen my love,
To push me away.
But you are in love with me still,
That's what you say.

So how can this be,
I'm here all alone.
Our love is the strongest,
Either of us have ever known.

Do you really want to throw away,
Everything we've had?
To be with someone you don't love,
Just existing is so sad.

Don't you realize
You are my everything.
And I am only complete,
With the love you bring.

Valerie Rojas

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