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Explain It To My Heart

It's 3am again,
And here I am alone.
My tears my only company,
The only sound are my moans.

Our love so sweet,
As a summers day.
How can it ever,
Just fade away?

Is this what love,
Is meant to be?
Alone and devastated,
My heart can never be free.

Just long lonely nights,
Filled with memories of a time.
When the fear didn't rule,
I was hers and she was mine.

So much pain without her,
An overpowering sorrow.
My days are gray and gloomy,
With NO HOPE for my tomorrow's.

Maybe she doesn't want
This love of mine.
But I can't turn back,
These hands of time.

This silence so deafening,
Never-ending tears on my pillow.
Just a pain so deep,
To go with this heart so hollow.

No love shines from me now,
I am an empty shell.
Without her in my life,
It is just a living hell.
And still my love grows stronger,
Each and everyday.
I dream of her in my arms,
But she is so far away.

Please explain to my heart,
Why I have to suffer this pain.
And why the love of my life,
Never wants to see me again.

But let it be known,
This love of mine is REAL!
And all I need is her in my arms again,
For this broken heart to heal.

Valerie Rojas


Just a dark void,
Remains of what was
A joyous heart.
Ripped away,
All or in part.

To leave nothing more,
Than this empty shell.
To keep me company,
In this man made hell.

If only this heart,
Could be filled once more.
With the love of that woman,
I will always adore.

But if that day never comes,
I know my destiny.
A life filled with loneliness,
And a heart filled with agony.

For not a day goes by,
That my heart doesn't ache.
For that one,
Who made my heart break.

Valerie Rojas

Through All Space and Time

You can't make me,
Stop loving you.
No matter how far away,
Regardless what you do.

These treasured moments,
That were yours and mine.
Are secure in my heart,
Throughout all time.

My heart remembers,
Every kiss and embrace.
And no matter what,
They will never be erased.

And as hard as it is to believe,
The tears still flow with each and every line.
Because you'll be my everlasting love.
That transcends all space and time.
(God how I miss you)

Valerie Rojas

There's Still One

There's still one,
Who wears your ring.
And believes in her heart ,
Your still her everything.

And every time she thinks,
She has broken free.
It's the love for you,
That brings her to her knees.

And again the those tears,
Begin to flow.
And that horrible ache,
Fills her heart,
With everyday you've been apart.

But without fail,
For every minute that goes by,
She feels the emptiness,
And her heart does cry.

But somehow within,
Each tear that flows.
Her heart grows stronger,
And her love still grows.

And this love so true,
You continue to hide.
But her presence, her soul,
It's forever by your side.

Valerie Rojas


Somewhere in the night,
My heart takes flight.
Her silhouette is all I see,
Her body lies so close to me.

Somewhere in the night,
To my sweet delight.
She have taken me into her embrace,
And softly kissed my face.

Somewhere in the night,
Nothing has ever felt so right.
With her breathing so soft and slow,
In my heart i know, that,

Somewhere in the night,
Before darkness turns to light.
I will make love to my girl,
Who so changed my world.

Valerie Rojas
Oct 3 2002

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