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Torn apart within myself,
No feeling of inner wealth.
Lost and alone within my mind,
Hoping all will heal in time.

Knowing not where my decision leads,
Only knowing that my heart still pleads.
And needs to know in every way,
Will the decision lead to happier days.

The decision has lead to a happier me,
If only people could let me be.
Give me a chance to be myself,
Take my feelings off the shelf.

Growing into who I am,
Handling the problems the best I can.
Being true to my inner self,
Trying to find the inner wealth.
Through the doorways, within my mind,
Searching for the truth, hoping I'll find.
My true self, I've locked away,
Emerging now to a brighter day.

Valerie Rojas



What was real yesterday
Is just a memory today.
A dream that passed so quickly,
Buried so far away.

A dream so close,
I felt it's heat.
Dreaming of the day we meet,
Waiting just to hear you speak.

Shadows of dreams,
That pass here and there.
And over and over again,
It proves no one really cares.

It's hard for me,
I don't play the game.
I give sincerity, honesty, and love,
If only others would do the same.

Valerie Rojas



The thought of you near me,
Our bodies touching in the night.
Total pleasure is what it will be,
Reaching incredible heights.

Kissing you from head to toe,
Your body moving in sweet delight.
Caressing you until you moan.
Your lips on mine feel so right.

Between your thighs ,
My sweet desire.
The look in your eyes,
Set's my soul on fire.

I want you to be the very first,
Release me from all my bonds.
And satisfy my incredible thirst,
Take me to a world beyond.

Valerie Rojas



She came to me, one winter's day,
Teaching my soul to arise.
Helping me along the way,
My special angel in disguise.

Always there for a friend in need,
Nothing's trivial in her eyes.
Down the path is where she leads,
My special angel in disguise.

A heart as big as all outdoors,
Love and compassion fill it's size.
A spirit within that always soars,
My special angel in disguise.

Like the gold at the rainbows end,
Love shines deep within her eyes.
I pray she'll always be my friend,
My special angel in disguise.

(for Patti)

Valerie Rojas



Bottled up within me, deep inside, Feelings and emotions, I have to hide.
It fills every part of my soul and heart,
So much I feel I'm being ripped apart

The essence of these, like a fine old wine,
Waiting and hoping, in the fullness of time.
That it won't leave me with a bitter taste,
That the love I feel, hasn't gone to waste.

The gift I give, is the love I feel,
Within my heart I know it's real.
Enough to withstand the test of time,
Eventhough your love, can't be mine.

Valerie Rojas


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