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A mothers love, I've never known,
An emptiness felt deep inside.
Always feeling completely alone,
A deep loneliness I meant to hide.

Never expecting to fill that space,
Never trying to find that love.
She came in my life, to take that place,
Like an angel from above.

She soared into my life one day,
A woman I just barely knew.
She changed my feelings in everyway,
And a daughter's love inevitably grew.

With love and kindness, she took my hand,
Holding it tight, through good and bad.
Now I feel my heart expand,
With a Mother's love I've never had.

Now instead of feeling blue,
Someone for whom I can express my love.
A mother's love came from you,
And for this I thank the Lord above.

Valerie Rojas



On this wheel of eighty-four,
Many lives have gone before.
Many more could still be there,
You need to learn, become aware.

Being aware of the way things need to be,
Opening your mind, and really see.
Learning to change, improve your ways,
Reducing the karma, that accumulates a day.

Straightening the path, removing the curves,
Less lives here will have to be served.
Putting your life on the appropriate course,
Being aware your a part of the source.

Valerie Rojas



Within myself feelings,
I can't explain.
My mind often reeling,
Unable to refrain.

Devoted to each,
As to one.
Decisions beyond my reach,
The hardest time has just begun.

A heart that's split,
Between two loves.
Not wanting to quit,
Needing help from above.

To do what's right,
Against all odds.
Keeping reality in sight,
Not being a fraud.

Keeping true to myself,
Following my heart.
Knowing my inner wealth,
Is giving all, not part.

Holding true to my beliefs,
Keeping sanity within my mind.
A feeling of deep relief,
For loyalty is a test of time.

Valerie Rojas



Passing through these days,
Wondering who I am.
Knowing love in many ways,
Is helping who I can.

So many times we turn away,
And love passes us by.
But in our heart a friendship stays,
A love that can last, until we die.

Rosie, my friend, your holding my heart.
I am your friend and will always be.
Your friendship is to me, giant part,
And it fills my heart knowing you care for me.

A friend shares a special bond,
Someone who's always there.
Through all the good and bad times,
The love of a friend will always shine.
Thank you Rosie, for being mine.

(for Rosie)

Valerie Rojas


This poem written soon after Pedro was diagnosed with AIDS.


Among my thoughts and dreams,
Memories of forgotten times.
So many plans and schemes,
Wasted within my mind.

Not much heart left in hope,
Very little time to prepare.
Adjusting and trying to cope,
Realizing life isn't fair.

The days have turned into night,
Life is now at an end.
Grant me to see with inner sight,
Carry me away on the love i send.

Our lives but a measure,
Of the good our hearts have shown.
Our friendships are the treasures,
Our hearts a garden where our love is grown.

And when our lives are finished,
And our souls have flown away.
The hearts we've touched replenished,
With the love we've shown today.

Valerie Rojas



Here I am,
Living in the past.
Looking for a love,
A love that will last.

Someday soon,
Hoping I'll find.
A love that's true,
Total heart and mind.

Strong enough,
To withstand the test of time.
For all eternity,
It would be mine.

Hoping one day,
To fill my heart.
With a love that's true,
Not just a part.

Valerie Rojas


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