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My mind filled,
With thoughts of you.
The way it feels,
To hold it close.
Bring your body next to mine,
Beautifully suspended there in time.

Your body moves beneath my hands,
My excitement building,
Growing beyond control.
Hot and deep like burning coals.
My desire mounting every time,
Our bodies so beautifully intertwined.

As I touch you in those special places,
Your pleasure surfaces for me to see,
I can hear you moan in sweet ecstasy ,
With the ecstasy, my heart does soar.
As we make love again,
Intertwined, like never before.
Valerie Rojas 9/26/99

This poem is for a special lady with a very special heart!

A Special Heart

Hiding inside my emotions,
Are feelings I can't explain.
Sometimes loneliness and depression,
But with happiness often comes pain.

The pain is in knowing,
That our hearts truly care.
But not within our touch or caress,
A feeling only our hearts may posses.

Like delicate roses,
Your fragrance has filled my heart.
Within me your emotions blooming,
Wishing we weren't so far apart.

But alas, it is the way,
Our lives are meant to be.
Still growing in my heart,
Is you, the true friend I see.

Within my heart always,
Is the garden I tend.
It fills my senses totally,
Just knowing you're my friend.

Valerie Rojas
Sept 24, 1999

Stars of My Heart

Our lives are so different,
In so many ways
But our friendship brings us closer,
And sunshine fills our days.

The sunshine we feel,
It truly warms our hearts.
Knowing that our frienship is real,
Even when we're great distances apart.

My friends shine with a brillance,
Like so many stars.
Reaching through the heavens,
Closing the distances we're apart.

And like the universe,
My friends are my stars.
They are forever a part of my heart,
No matter if they are near or far.

Valerie Rojas 11/5/99


Days so dark,
No light can be seen.
No rainbows or sunshine,
Within my dreams.
Only pain and worry,
Fill my brain.
No sign of recovery,
Is driving me insane.
I seem to be floating,
On an ocean of depression.
The tide that carries me,
Is one of regression.
Regressing my soul,
To a place dark and dank,
To a new low my heart has sank.
Let the light of hope,
Fill my heart and soul.
And lift me from this oblivion,
Good thoughts will be my goal.
And once again,
I will be whole.

Valerie Rojas
Nov. 4, 1999

The Gift

Dedicated to the one I love!

Here we are,
This is the place to be.
Life may be hard,
But I need you close to me.

I want you close,
Close enough to touch.
This is when I need you most,
When times are hard and things are rough.

And here you are,
Always by my side.
With you, my heart is open,
With you, I have nothing to hide.

Now that you are here,
I can't let you go.
Forever to have you near,
Just to love you so.

To be this close to someone,
Is truely a gift from above.
I have waited my life for you to come,
To fill my days with joy and love.

My love for you is very real,
This is in appreciation for all you do.
And the way you make me feel,
When you say "I love you!"

Valerie Rojas 11/99


Excitement encompasses me
Electric current surging thru me
My body pulsating, trembling
Thoughts of you fill me
The touch of your hand
The sparkle in your eyes
The caress of your lips
The embrace of your arms
The softness of your kiss
Anxiously, I await thee

Valerie Rojas

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