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I Wonder Why

I often wonder why,
I have this life at all.
Nothing seems to be for me,
And a depression fills my soul
With a heavy sigh,
I wonder why.

Often I wonder why,
Always love eludes me,
Showing itself only as a tease,
Fueling my hunger for more,
With midnight tears I cry.
And again I wonder why.

Often I wonder why,
There is no love for me,
To share and hold.
And if there ever will be.
I'll breathe my last breath and die,
And still be wondering why.

Valerie Rojas


I read your poem
Titled "I Wonder Why"
I hear your mournful
Soulful hue and cry

I see your pain
In every last word
I certainly know why
Please know you are heard

Each time you love
You give it your all
Hoping your right
Eyes closed to a fall

There are many tomorrows
We know not where they lead
Around the next corner
May be just what we need

So keep your dreams current
Don't give up your faith
Love will come in the right time
Love will be in the right place

Judi 2000

A Ghostly Love

Alone once again,
My life has turned.
Into another dead end,
Should I be concerend?

There is no one to care.
And to hold me close.
A love very rare,
A fleeting memory at most,

Her words embraced me,
And for once I felt whole.
Her love easy for me to see,
Even if no one else could be told.

But silenced now,
Her words no longer spoken.
My mind knows how,
But my heart is still broken.

Valerie Rojas


Without you Baby Girl,
My life has no meaning or hope.
In essence you were my pearl,
And with your absence I can not cope.

My life had become complete,
With you in my arms.
Giving me you love so sweet,
How could I ever come to any harm?

The thought of you leaving me,
Crushes my spirit and soul.
Only you in my life, you see,
Will keep me complete and whole.

Please don't throw away a love so pure,
Don't close me out of you heart.
With your love I can endure,
Even if, for awhile, we are apart.

Valerie Rojas

The Touch

With a touch of your hand
My fears melt away
Holding you close, my heart fills with joy.
And my mind is at peace.
We become as one
Ours souls entertwinded in ecstacy
Our future is clear to see.
Spiritually embracing forever we will be.

Valerie Rojas


Hopes and dreams abound,
To keep this wondrous love I've found.
She's my love, She's my light,
She's the one I want to hold at night.

Hold her close, hold her tight.
Never let go of a love so right.
Hold her close within my heart,
I pray to God we never part.

Her love is fresh and sweet like a morning dew,
Refreshing my soul, making it new.
Her arms embrace me like an angel's wings,
A song of love my heart does sing.

Her touch, her caress, the sweetness of her kiss,
The love she gives is so wondrous.
Her soul blending becoming one with mine,
Forever embracing throughout all time.

Valerie Rojas


Where are you, my love?
Why have you forsaken me?
I gave you my love so joyously,
And now a dark cloud covers me.
My need for you so completely pure,
But the light of that love, you won't see.
Secluded, you are so far away from me,
My arms reach out to you, one more time.
My hands open, awaiting your touch,
Don't turn your back and walk away.
Don't leave me here alone to cry,
Bring your love back to me,
Or surely my soul will wither and die.
This much sorrow, no one could take,
This much heartbreak, I can't withstand.
Wipe my tears from my face,
And continue to walk with me hand in hand.

Valerie Rojas

Can You Feel Me?

The night can be long,
So empty and cold.
Reminiscent of a sad song,
On radios of old.

Like a warm summers night,
Your love embraces me.
The love you give holds me tight,
Your soul holds the key.

Do you feel my warmth?
On nights such as these.
When my soul goes forth,
In my heart, its you I please.

Like rays from a rainbow bright,
Your love colors my lonely days.
In my heart it feels so right,
Knowing I love you in so many ways.

for you my love

The Joy of You

My mind sets a drift,
With thoughts of you near.
One day my head I'll lift,
And your sweet voice,
Will fill my ears.

My soul will abound,
Full of the pure joy of you.
With your love I've truly found,
That the meaning to my life is clear,
And my heart sings whenever you are near.

You bring to me this heart,
Which no woman has ever shown.
you bring to me more than just a part
I am complete and whole,
With a love I've never known.

Valerie Rojas

A Virtual Love

The woman of my dreams,
Has shown me what her love means.
I look to heaven and wait,
For the lord to decide our fate.

We meet in secret, on the net.
Our love growing from the day we met.
Sincere emotions running wild,
Just to caress her for a while.

The longing to make love with you,
And all the sharing between us two.
Intensifies and grows with each passing day.
I can't stop thinking there must be a way.

Inside a virtual reality,
Your love has cast a spell on me.
Baby, I want you to know,
It has captured my heart and soul.

You are my dream lover,
Honey, there can be no other.
It's with you I chose to be,
Even if our love can never be free.

I will wait and pray to hold you near,
Sometimes my love there must be tears.
When I think of you so far away,
And I can't be with you everyday.

Our separation is so hard for me,
Knowing you I may never see.
Just a figment of my mind,
Gently caressing me through all time.

Dear one, it is my fantasy,
To have you next to me.
How could it be so wrong?
To have you here where you belong.

Sweet baby girl, don't be upset,
I understand this is the best we can get.
And I accept this without a second thought,
Be secure in knowing, I will love you no matter what.

Valerie Rojas

Dear One

In a whisper
I hear your name.
Soft and sweet,
To me it came.

Like an angel,
My life has been blessed.
As you take my hand,
And show me the love I've missed.

In my mind,
The exotic smell of your perfume.
In my heart,
You have chased away the gloom.

Among the memories,
I will forever hold dear.
Will be this time of love,
I hold you so near.

Valerie Rojas


I sit here waiting,
My mind fills with you.
So totally and completely,
I have nothing I can do.
But to embrace you in my thoughts,
And to make love to you within my dreams.
Carry you off in my heart,
To a place no one can see.
And hold you close and tenderly,
Forever embraced by me.

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