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It was two weeks ago today,
You turned and walked away.
With only memories left of you,
What more can I do?
But sit here feeling sad and blue.

A love that even you can't deny,
A soulful love between you and I.
Filling my heart and my mind,
With the greatest love I'll ever find.
Is it possible, your'e too blind?

Not to see where you belong,
Like the words need the music of a song.
Within me the flight of butterflies...
Escaping me a soulful sigh
In my mind, it's your name I cry.

Come to me soon, My love.
I scream to the heavens far above.
Filling your heart are thoughts of me,
Open your eyes and you will see,
That together, we should, forever be.

Valerie Rojas

Remember Love

Like snapshots frozen in time,
Images of you, play in my mind.
A kaliedascope of colors and hues,
Encompassing the warmth and love that is you.
"Remember Love"

Within this magical year,
We have learned to love and let go our fears.
Hold each other close, through good times and bad,
We have laughed with the good, and cried through the sad.
"Remember Love"

Stronger than ever our love always seems ,
Intimacy in sharing our thoughts and dreams.
With an embrace that stretches thousands of miles,
My arms engulf you all the while.
"Remember Love"

How quickly this year has come to pass,
Our first year together has gone so fast.
With a love this strong, there will be many more,
With this knowledge my heart does soar.
"Remember Love"

Happy 1st Anniversary
I Love You

Valerie Rojas

Sensations of You

In Solitude
I clear my mind
Thoughts and sensations of you flood in
The intoxication of your fragrance
The lilt in your voice
The sparkle in your eyes
The smiles in your laughter
The softness of your skin
My hands reach out and touch you
As I have done so many times before
My arms embrace you
Our bodies pressed so tightly together
As if one
My hands caressing your every subtle curve
And in return
The dew of your sweetness caresses my hand
Sending a charge running the length of my body
I breathe deeply
Open my eyes onto the darkness
And realize our souls have embraced
Once again

Valerie Rojas

At Last

I saw you walking towards me
In the distance
I could see
You had already set your gaze upon me.

Ever quickening your steps,
I can see the urgency in your face.
Oh but to savor this perfect embrace
I wish to do so without haste.

To allow these tender feelings,
To merge and become one.
And tears of joy streak my face,
Our time together has just begun.

You take me into your loving arms,
And shower me with blissful tears.
I draw closer with a gentle craving,
As I whisper I love you, in your ear.

Your eyes recite a thousand words,
Of poetry and rhyme.
And I see all the love thats within you,
Will be mine throughout all time.

Valerie Rojas

Our Undeniable Love

I know your confused,
And in need of some time.
I'm here, giving all my support,
Baby Girl, we will be fine.

My love, I may be here,
But my heart and soul are with you.
I know I have nothing to fear,
Our love is strong and secure.

I pass the many hours,
Pondering the memories we share.
I dream of your face,
And the sunlight dancing in your hair.

I invision our hands,
Fingers interlocked.
Holding tight to one another,
As we laughed and talked.

I have relived each moment,
Of our most intimate caresses.
Our lips joined in the most passionate kisses,
Precious memories my heart posesses.

I lie in bed each night,
Knowing our souls are together.
When I come to you it's right,
Our love will last forever.

Valerie Rojas

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