Picture Links for SubmissionBoy's Holds

Background collage courtesy ofhttp://www.LH.net/client/magus/submissions/main.html, another great site to check out. The original images are copyrighted by their respective owners. No disrespect intended. For educational use only.

Abdominal Stretch

The ab stretch is a neat submission hold with many nice variations to make it very versatile.
A Leopard variation for maximum pain! Kid Leopard vs.
I give up! Dino Serra vs. Brigham Bell
Spread and stretched! Kid Vicious vs. Jeff Jordan
Rip him open! Lou Dinero vs. Barry Longshaw
Hot! Mikey Vee vs. Greg Leary
Streeetch! Bryan Walsh vs. Dan Patrick
Super! Iron Cross Hughes vs. Jimmy D
Great one! Bill Hughes vs
Make him feel it! Diamond Dallas Page vs. Marcus Buff Bagwell
Stretched! Page vs. Bagwell
Keep it going! Page vs. Bagwell
Terrific shot! Alex Wright vs. Chavo Guerrero
More pain! Alex vs. Chavo
And more! Alex vs. Chavo
Guillotine! Rosano twins


The anaconda is a hot yet simple submission hold and I just love the name!
So hot!Two British boys (b+w)


The backbreaker is one of my favorite submission holds. There are so many variations and possibilities. Here are some.

Backbreaker Over Both Shoulders

Suffer! Brad Rochelle vs. Billyboy
Nice one! Joe vs. Gargieux
Killer! Mike Mackey vs. Jungle Stud
Great hold! Jungle Stud vs. Sonny Markman
Damn! British boys, kneeling (b+w)
I love this! Brits in weight room (b+w)
Ooh, Daddy! Cute brits, a fave (b+w)
Ouch! Ben Irvine vs. Andy Sutton

Single-shoulder Backbreaker

Great! Bryan Walsh vs. Cody Collier
Greater! Bryan vs. Cody
Greatest! Bryan vs. Cody
Okay, maybe a tie! Bryan vs. Cody

Backbreaker Over the Knee

Alex Wright vs Chavo Guerrero
Backbreaker! Alex vs Chavo
Stretched out! Alex vs Chavo
Suffering! Alex vs Chavo
Stretched! Malenko vs Chavo
Stretched more! Malenko vs Chavo
">Stretched! Malenko vs Chavo
Mmmmmmmmmmm! Beau Hopkins vs. Bobby Hopkins
Killer! Beau vs. Bobby
Stretched out! Jeff Steele vs. Jake Steele
Look at that! Nordic Warrior vs. Bryan Walsh
Very nice view. Kid Vicious vs. Cody Collier
Good one! Joe vs. Gargieux
Rough! Joe vs. Al
Go for it! Skip Roberts vs. Peter Ravell
Stretcher! Antonio Ruiz vs. Mark Hammer
Nice! Tom Flex vs. Andy Sutton
MMMBop! Alex vs. Chavo
Tasty! Paul Perris vs. Alan Lawton
Terrific work! Antonio Ruiz vs. Mike Mackey
Yes! Perris in trouble

Backboard (a backbreaker/bow and arrow hybrid)

Another nice view. Kid vs. Cody
Oh, yeah! Brian Pillman vs. Alex Wright

Bear Hug

Bear hugs can be one of the sweetest submission holds.
Mashed! Joe Mazetti vs. Mike Columbo
CRUNCH! Two BG guys
Crusher! Matt Logan vs. David Silvano
Crack! Nolan Edwards vs. Vinnie Rey

Boston Crab

The Boston Crab is another super hold for submission fans.
Horseshoe crab! Wrath vs. Rick Steiner
Chris Jericho vs. Disco Inferno
Single leg crab! Dave Duran vs Alex Munro
Another shot! Duran vs Munro
Another shot! Duran vs Munro
Give it up! Classic picture (b+w)
Turn him over! Jon Cortez vs Steve Grey
Pretty as a picture! Jim Geronimo vs. Chris Bruce
Neat-o!Shane McCall vs. Jett Larsen
Sizzling! Davey Dee vs. Brad Rochelle
Another nice view! Darius Mykonos vs. Diego Mykonos
Come on boy! DomWrstlr in control
I can't hear you! DomWrstlr takes matters into his own hands
Coolness! Bryan Walsh vs. Cody Collier
What a shot! Kid Vicious vs. Cody Collier
And all the way over. Kid vs. Cody
And another shot. Kid vs. Cody
Yummy! Chris Benoit vs. Alex Wright
Neat-o! Two BG types in a mat room
Hothothot! Scott Randsome vs. Jake Andrews
Tasty!< More BG boys
Horseshoe Crab variation Mike Moorehouse vs. Steve Gregory
Unique killer! Brit boys playing (b+w)
Yummy! Two blonds go at it
Eye-candy! Perris in charge
I give up! Hot brit babes (b+w)
Good view! Flex does it too

Bow and Arrow

Bow and arrows offer many submission variations. Try some!
Nifty! Dean Malenko vs Chavo Guerrero
Stretcher! Andy Roberts vs. Skip Roberts
Very cool variation! Skip Roberts vs. Peter Ravell

Camel Clutch

The Camel Clutch is one of my personal favorite submission holds to endure, use and see.
Give it up, man! Shane Douglas vs. Lance Storm
Super! Andy Roberts vs. Skip Roberts
Wow, more! Andy Roberts vs. Skip Roberts
No mercy! Cruze vs. Jayson Turner
I give! Andy Bailey vs. Ian Nesbitt
Ride 'em, cowboy! Two guys in oil pit
Delicious! Jungle Stud vs. Adam Battle
Wonderful! More cute brits (b+w)
Give up! Vinnie Rey vs. Nolan Edwards
Stretch him! UK boys (b+w)
Submit! More british babes, a fave (b+w)
Neat 2-on-1! Perris worked over


You can do much for a submission with a crucifix and it's variations.
Aaaaaahhh! Armstrong vs. Lenny Lane
Come on, boy! Bill Hughes vs.
Wowsers! UK hunks (b+w)
So cool! More guys from the isles (b+w)
Locked in! And more (b+w)

Figure-four Leglock

Figure-fours can be used for a pretty painful submission.
Intense! Andy Roberts vs. Skip Roberts
Nasty! Joe vs. CowboyIA

Full Nelson

Full nelsons are great! Many a submission can be forced with a nelson or some combo, or they're great for punishers.
Ready to kiss the mat?! Brian Christopher vs. Flash Flanagan
It's a drawing but it rocks! Illustration by MATT
Screamer! Andy Roberts vs. Skip Roberts
Give up! Dick the Prick vs. Ian Nesbitt
Awesome! Bryan Walsh vs. Cody Collier
Superb! Bryan Walsh vs. Cody Collier
Locked tight! Skip Roberts vs. Peter Ravell
Nifty! Two cuties outdoors
Sweet! Two Can Am guys in oil
Work it! Peter Ravell vs. Skip Roberts
With scissors. Joe vs. CowboyIA
Nice scissors combo! Some british guys (b+w)
Neat shot! Frank Allen vs. David Atkins
Sweetness! Andy Sutton vs. Ben Irvine


Hammerlocks can be used in many nice submission cominations.
Woof! Diego Mykonosvs. Darius Mykonos
Woof woof! Diego vs. Darius
Whoa! Joe vs. Al
Sweet! Larry Janson vs. Hugh Bogart
And another! Larry Janson vs. Hugh Bogart
On the mat! Paul Perris vs. Kevin Edwards
Hmmm... neat! Perris vs. Tony Valor
Awesome 2-on-1! Matt Logan double-teamed
With a kick! More Logan abuse
With pec claw! Nikolai Bakov's turn
Great double-team! Perris gets it from Flex and Doug Brandon
Uhngowah! Paul Perris vs. Alan Lawton
Double uhngowah! Perris double-teamed
Schwing! Logan vs. Silvano
Tippy-toes! Mike Mackey vs. Antonio Ruiz
Yeeessss!! David Silvano vs. Matt Logan
Wrenching! Some british guys go at it (b+w)
Chinlock combo! More brits (b+w)
More of an armbar, but... And more (b+w)


The Hangman is a nasty submission hold, and it looks great, too!
Aaaagh! Two BG guys
Hurt him! Kid Vicious vs. Cody
Awesome! Those british cuties again (b+w)

Leg Split

When you're looking for crotch-ripping submission fun, leg splits are your friend.
Make a wish! Kurt Erickson vs. Robin Carter

Pectoral Claw

Pec claws are just too damn fun!
Double pec claw! Joe vs. Al

Regal Stretch

The hold made famous and infamous by Lord Steven Regal.
I give! I give! Regal vs. Doc Dean
Two good views. Regal vs. Scott Amrstrong
Fun! Regal vs. Prince Iaukea


Sleepers, sleepers, sleepers.... what more can I say?
Putting on the pressure! Fit Finley vs. Barry Houston
Lights out! Greg Leary vs. Bryan Walsh
On the mat! Two guys
Sleeper/scissors combo! Mike Columbo vs. Mikey Vee
Another combo! Two guys
Cody always gives a great view! Bryan Walsh vs. Cody Collier
Goodnight sweetheart, well, it's time to go... Two guys at Bill's gym
Nighty-night! Kid Viscious vs. ?
Nice view! Kid Viscious vs. ?
Cobra clutch! Two guys practice
Sleeper/scissors submission! Greg Leary vs. Buster Bergeron
Squeeze him away! The Lineman vs. Chris Bruce
Aussie variation! Skip Roberts vs. Peter Ravell
Aussie sleeper! Some cute british boys (b+w)
Hot shot! Mike Mackey vs. Antonio Ruiz
Gack! Nolan Edwards vs. Vinnie Rey


The Surfboard is a nifty hold. Useful, and works good in combo with other holds.
Start of a surfboard Steve Grey vs Jon Cortez
Continues Grey vs Cortez
More of the same Grey vs Cortez
Nice mat-level view! Grey vs Cortez
Submit! Bill Hughes vs.
Shoulder wrenching! Jeff Steele vs. Jake Steele
Ride him! BG boys go at it
Surf's up! More BG guys
Humpy! Mmmore brits (b+w)
Come on, boy! Dudes from UK (b+w)
Hang ten! David Silvano vs. Matt Logan
With neat leg tie-up! Some british guys (b+w)
Straddling! More brits (b+w)

If you have any links to hot submission pictures, let me know and I'll include them. Or if you have any cool pix to send that I can include here, send them to me-- please include names of guys in picture, if known. Thanks!
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