I am an adult, but I am in the clothing of a little girl. I feel ashamed to be caught this way. I wonder how I had the nerve to dress like this...the Mary Jane shoes, the white socks, the flowered cotton panties, the pink party dress with all the layers of petticoats!

Somehow, I am over someone's knee. I don't know if it's male or female. The flowered panties are down around my ankles and I'm being spanked. I try to cry out, but nothing. No sound. My mouth forms a big round O, but nothing happens.

I stare in shock at what is happening to me, a little girl over someone's knee. Somehow I think that if I kick my legs up and down, and if I can just scream, then whoever is spanking me will be satisfied.

But whoever it is, knows the trick that I'm playing. I am ordered to arch my fanny upward and, to my utter humiliation, when I do, one hand grabs for my genitals while the other spanks! Now my secret is known, I think to myself. That I am a male little girl! This will make my punishment so much worse!

"Show me how scared you are," the person says. "Come on, show me how scared you are."

I don't know what I'm supposed to do. I try to scream. I try my best. But still, nothing comes out. Meanwhile I keep getting spanked. I can see now, from the perspective of the person spanking me, that I have a hairless little girl's fanny. It is very plump. It wiggles and flutters with every spank. My cheeks are milky white, very, very white, even with all the spanks.

Now I am up, on unsteady legs, and my petticoats and dress are gone, and I'm in just panties. Yes, I do look very flat-chested and girlish. The cotton flowered panties have no bulge in front. It's as if I really am a little girl.

I'm being slapped in the face. Very hard. Backhanded, fronthanded, over and over.
I lose all control and I begin to wet myself.

Now I'm pulled by my pigtails, pulled until I stagger, where I am being taken, I don't know. I think I hear the voice say, "Naughty girl! This is how scared you are..."

Now the panties are being held in front of me. I have to see that they have been wet. Somehow, the panties have been tied tightly onto my pigtails. Two wet panties on either side of my head. It's hard to describe. I don't feel the weight of them.

I can see myself now. Flat chested. Pigtails. A bald slope between my legs. I toddle around the room like this, toward my master, my mistress, whoever it is that is with me.

Someone has me by the pigtails. The person is yanking the pigtails, making me shake my head "No, no, no." But I don't know what is being said, or whether "No" is the correct response. I guess it is what the person wants.

I am on my knees now, on the floor, clumsily trying to find where my petticoats are, or my dress, anything to cover me. I think about trying to wrench one of the panties that's been twisted into my pigtails, and get it on to cover my embarrassing bald mound.

I'm struggling with my panties, which are wet, twisted, and I keep staggering trying to get my foot into them. I look down and I have a rabbit in my hand. I am petting a rabbit. I hold it to me.

Next, I am on a farm, with rabbits, baby chicks, and the sound of chirping. I can imitate this, and I do. I wonder why I couldn't scream when I had to, but now I can chirp.

Dreams about being a little girl...perhaps I felt particularly helpless and small that day. I don't know what might have happened to create the dream.