Smidgen is on the left giving Skeeter a kiss.

Smidgen & Skeeter are sisters who were born January 29, 1999.  They are bonded for life and best buddies forever.
They take turns aggravating and teasing each other...until the desired response is received.  Smidgen will grab Skeeter's leg and pull, enticing her to play.  Skeeter will bark into Smidgen's ear until Smidgen jumps on her.  They chase each other all around the house using the furniture as an obstacle course.  Energy spent, they may sleep curled up on the highest couch pillows, or possibly under the computer long as we are close by.

The backyard is their own personal agility course:  steps to run up, jumps into the raised flower beds, trails behind the bushes, leaps into the woodpile, and the crowning glory of races around the gazebo and up onto the hot tub.  Exhausted, they normally like to recharge on the porch glider.  There, they can guard their domain, ever vigilant to storm the yard after any marauders (
squirrels, toads, etc) foolish enough to invade the territory of the great white hunters.

Smidgen, with her beautiful deep bark, is very happy-go-lucky, without a care in the world.  She loves to spread her kisses around, both to her humans and to her sister.  Skeeter, too smart for her own good, is more high-strung...but also constantly and freely distributes kisses. 

Petite Skeeter is as agile and graceful as a cat...feline blood must run in her veins.  She loves to have her back scratched; she very nearly performs a dance on her hind legs, waving her paws around until she gets her daily massage.  Jumping easily into your lap and gazing longingly at every morsel of food is an easy trick for her.  Smidgen displays much better manners; she covets your food from a distance or jumps onto the pillows behind your back and sneaks a lick or two.

Skeeter is a proponent of   "the grass is always greener on the other side" philosophy; a treat or toy in Smidgen's mouth is always more appetizing or fun than the one
(even if identical) Smidgen has.  Skeeter will whine and roll over onto her back until Smidgen pounces on her.  Unprotected for a split second, Skeeter darts in to steal the coveted treat or toy.  Good-natured Smidgen normally allows the deception but occasionally reaches her limit and retaliates.

Couch pillows are their favorite choices for sleepy times.  Under a chair would be Smidgen's second choice while the tile floor is a close second for Skeeter.  They adore going for walks and start getting excited whenever they see us putting our sneakers on.  Smidgen gets so hyped that she turns around and "attacks" Skeeter for the first step forward and one step back to pounce!! 

They love watching home long as they are the stars.  It is hilarious to watch as they run around barking and jumping at the screen as if attempting to scare away the strange Westies brazen enough to enter their house without an invitation.  Animal shows rank second on their preferred entertainment list.  They actually sit on the couch watching the screen, reacting only when an animal appears.

They do a great beaver imitation by moving the woodpile one stick at a time and pulling blossoms and branches from their favorite Rose of Sharon bush.  This Westie team knows their positions:  Skeeter pulls the branches down and Smidgen sits on it to hold it.

They have even given us special jobs to perform:  doorman, massage therapist, entertainment director,  waiter,  sanitation engineer, excavation supervisor, hairstylist, pedicurist,  personal trainer, and dogkill removal  worker.

These Westie characters can best be summed up as totally loveable, constantly entertaining, occasionally aggravating beyond endurance, and completely priceless.  We cannot imagine life without them.

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