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Welcome to our corner of the web. We are a Married Couple living in Los Angeles,CA .

Friends/Family not in the lifestyle : If you are here it means you must have stumbled accross one of our ads. We would appreciate your discretion as well as your respect of the right to express oursevles. We are not hurting or breaking any couples apart. Please do not judge. Swinging is a personal choice made after years of consideration. It has brought us closer then ever .

If you are offended by the Swinging Lifestyle or are under
the age of 18 , LEAVE NOW !!

Now back to more about us , Steve (30M) & Lisa (26F) have been together for 11 years.
We are both deeply in love. Both very laid back, non smokers. Social drinkers. Not hardbodies but try to stay active.

Like most we enjoy movies, good food, going to the park on a sunny day.... you know "normal stuff". We are not "Hardcore", actually not sure what that means, LOL. Meeting couples online does seem to be frustrating but well worth it. Our lifestyle adventure began 3 years ago. As you can imagine we were very nervouse. After a few calls we met over coffee. They were great! Two weeks later we attended our first Club (Velvet Swing) in the SFV.

We are into "Same Room Swap", no pain or mind games. Protected sex is a must ! We are very clean and insist you should be too. No male/male playing. Girl/girl action is very good but it depends on the chemistry. Lisa and I are a couple, we are only interested in other couples under 37 years old. NO SINLGE MEN, EVER !!! Our marriage is built on trust and commitment. Yours should be too.

It would be nice to find couples that want to socialize outside of swinging. Life keeps going and
having Swinger friends that we can maintain a relationship with would be ideal. It seems that most
couples are not looking for this but we are. Sex is wonderfull, mmm... but for us a variety of sexual
partners is the bonus of meeting a variety of people, don't you think?

Are you still interested?? GREAT !!! Drop us a line. Be kind enough
to add a photo with as much detail as possible.

Hugs & kisses, maybe even a lick or two.


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