westlifehub.com --- CLOSED

This may be one of the hardest things to say, but along with the expiry of the domain www.westlifehub.com, so does the site.  It's a hard decision for me.  Considering I've worked on so many things at the site for so long. 

Imagine using my school's internet account whenever I have school, going to cybercafes', learning Macromedia Flash 5.0, creating Java Applets, studying and modifying javascripts and checking out all the pop music sites -> mtvasia.com, dotmusic, bmg-backstage and all that to give site visitors up-to-date news.   Borrowing pictures from other websites, buying loads of mags for nice pics and scanning concert pics as well are also a part of the site.

Yet, I guess the time is now to move on. 

I'd like to thank all of you 1,712 who visited the website throughout its inception 1 year ago, and followed through with shut downs for repairs and renovations all the way to the frames.  My thanks also goes out to Yvonne Filan, Lior, Crazy Gal, Angela, Marks_girl, Mariska, Marianne, Sarah, Melody Koh, Kristin, Melanie Mun, ktbpa, Marianne and MeLees for signing up as an icq / email pal.  Thanks to ymshomepage.com, oocities.com too.  Oh yeah, thanks too to the 80 persons who signed in my Yahoo! Club.  About this time, 1 club would be missing from your list, and you probably know what it is.

Lastly, thanks to those who signed my guestbook and gave v.nice remarks about the site (something about the stars or the trailing text ^_^): Marina, Iris, Kari, Toni, Dgalzcorp, Anonymous Surfer, santy, shayne garcia, Rachel, Claire, Fe, Pethead, Tiffany, Alyssa, Nic, Lorraine, Edward, claire, and Ms. Hell I ain't Telling =)

Yeah, by the way, thank you to this particular website who blatantly STOLE stuff from my website.  Gee, my profiles section is exactly the same as this websites'.  At least I know that my website, even in this way, stands out from the rest of the crowd.

Besides, this website is primarily made for the fun of it.  I honestly won't plunk down cash just for this.

Should time permit, I might open another westlife site, something fresh and scaled down.  But until that time comes, this geocities account remains closed.

So with that, this is Myron, webmaster of Westlifehub.com; the official unofficial hub for Westlife fans, singing "Angel's Wings, angelical formation, Angel's wings, like letters in the sky, now I know, no matter what the question, LOVE is the answer, it's written on angel's wings", signing off.

Keep in touch (I hope) @ this address.

"Ten thousand light years away from you Keep thinking maybe it's time to let go, but by the end of the day, I still want to say 'Do You?' " 
You Make Me Feel, Coast to Coast, Westlife