Back To Life
How did 'Back To Life' started?

Back to life is a story I have written myself. I've written fanfics before, of my fave band at the time. When I wasn't really a fan anymore I decided to give it a go - writing other stories then fanfics. And there you go - Back to life rolled out!
I really enjoyed writing it and decided to put it online.I hope you will enjoy reading it!
What's Back To Life about?

Adam Hill, a 19 year old boy, has enough of the life he lives. he has the feeling he's actually not quite the guy he is in daily life. To find out more about himself he plans an escape, so that he can travel and get to stand on his own feet. After he got away without any trouble his trip takes an unexpected turn.
He gets company and does things he couldn't even imagine before!
An exciting trip teaches him so much more about himself!
Find out who Adam Hill really is!
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*more added soon*
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