Taken from Worldpop.com.

This the interview that Mariah did telling Worldpop about the recording of Against All Odds in Capri. Mariah Carey may be a New York native but when she teamed up with Westlife she became a true West End girl in worldpop's eyes ...

Against All Odds - Deciding to work with Irish heroes Westlife

worldpop: How did the collaboration with Westlife come about?
Mariah: I met Westlife at a party a couple of months ago. A friend of mine who works at Arista, Keith Affdellie, introduced me to the guys and they were really cool - my mum is Irish of course so that helped. I think it might have been Keith's suggestion that we should collaborate and do something global, so a duet was a natural choice.

worldpop: How did you manage to get the duet recorded on the island of Capri off Italy?
Mariah: Well, I was also there to record music for the soundtrack to my film All That Glitters. I also directed and produced the music video with the help of my friend Senna - we tried to document the making of the song, Westlife coming over on the boat and me coming from the World Music Awards on the plane.

Swear It Again - Westlife singing the F-word to Mariah?!

worldpop: We know Westlife fancy you, have any of them tried to ask you out?
Mariah: No, they haven't tried to come on to me - they've been quite respectful actually. You know what? They're trying to teach me an Irish accent but I can't master it yet.

worldpop: Can you give us an impersonation?
Mariah: I can't unless they're here to help me. They sang some Irish songs and to me it sounded like they were singing the F-word a lot! I said, what's that word you're saying? And they were like 'No, no, no, that just means such and such in Gaelic!'

Fool Again - Ms Carey shows Westlife who's boss!

worldpop: How did Westlife take to you bossing them around in the studio?
Mariah: I don't think of myself in that way, I try to be accommodating to their way of thinking. The whole thing wasn't a drama or anything but even though they're just starting out they can get a little egotistical and they get full of themselves a tad, but why not? These guys have had five Number Ones internationally and that's pretty impressive! At the end of the day they are really down to earth and I hope that quality stays with them because it's such a shame when you see people whose heads get blown out of proportion after just two hits.

Flying Without Wings - will Westlife soar to the top of the US charts?

worldpop: Do you think Westlife will break America?
Mariah: America seems to be more open to a lot more different types of music these days, so I don't think it would take anything major to break Westlife in America. They've got their own great songs, they're really sweet people and more importantly they're talented. I was in the studio with them and I heard them sing so I know they're good. I also think American girls will like them a lot.

worldpop: Do you think Westlife would be more popular in America if they stopped performing ballads?
Mariah: It goes in cycles, sometimes up-tempo songs are better, it depends on the time of the year. I think people like ballads at Christmas and up-tempos in the spring and the summer, but that's my opinion and who the hell am I?