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  • Eternity Weyr Welcome to Eternity Weyr!

    Latest News from the Weyr!

  • Planning to assume a council or a subcouncil position? Go here for directions on how to best get accepted!
  • A Donation Shop has been opened! But only people with less than 50 marks can purchase things there.. Go here for details about it. (That's also the shop. ^^)
  • Golden Clarith has finally revealed her secret; she has been hiding a golden egg for several weeks. Will you be the new Jr. Weyrwoman?
  • Green flit Maylith has been flown by Black Ralu, and has clutched 6 eggs! Will you adopt a flit?
  • Green Morth flown by Bronze Dritenth! There will be a clutch!
  • There are two contests on, with a handsome mark prize for both. Will you earn money for that flit?
  • Black flit Clari has been flown by Bronze Rev, and has clutched 12 eggs! Will you adopt a flit?
  • Green Fresth's Clutch has Hatched! Congratulations to the new Weyrlings!
  • Golden Clarith has clutched 41 eggs after being flown by Bronze Tiorth, with unfortunately no queen egg. Still, there will be a next time, right? Clarith flew Thread just a sevenday before the flight, and Tiorth a few sevendays before. Will we see new mutations in this clutch?
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