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My name is Wanda and I was born in Roane County, Tennessee.  I started researching my family about 15 years ago.  For years genealogy has become a big part of my life. It is like an addiction....LOL.   It is absolutely one of my most favorite things to do.  Even after 15 years I still feel that excitment when I find someone I've been looking for.  And just to let you know helping others brings much joy to my life.

I have discovered a lot over the years, but I still have many gaps in my research, as you will see.  And on some families, I will be adding pages of data and facts...such as marriages, wills, census records, etc.  I am listing some of what I have on my more difficult lines first then will add others as time permits.   I will not add any living person.  A lot of my work has been proven, but over the years many researchers have shared (bits and pieces) with me and I just have not had time to research it all.  So if you find errors please contact me and I will make the corrections.  OR, if you find that you connect and would like to share I would love to hear from you. 

Oh.... A lot of my research has been done where I was born and where my heart is....in the beautiful area of East Tennessee.  Unfortunately, that is not where I am living at the present.  But hopefully, and by the Grace of God, one of these years, I will be able to move back to TN.  I may live in a big city but I am a country girl at heart.  

Hope you find someone you have been looking for.

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We are the chosen. In each family there is one who seems called to find the ancestors. To put flesh on their bones and make them live again, to tell the family story and to feel that somehow they know and approve.

Doing genealogy is not a cold gathering of facts but, instead, breathing life into all who have gone before. We are the storytellers of the tribe. All tribes have one. We have been called, as  it were, by our genes. Those who have gone before cry out to us, "Tell our  story!" So, we do.

In finding them, we somehow find ourselves. How  many graves have I
stood before now and cried? I have lost count. How many times have I told the ancestors, "You have a wonderful family; you would be proud of us." How many times have I walked up to a grave and felt somehow there was love there for me? I cannot say.

It goes beyond just documenting facts. It goes to who am I and why do I do the things I do. It  goes to seeing a cemetery about to be lost forever to weeds and indifference and saying, "I can't let this happen." The bones here are bones of my bone and flesh of my flesh. It goes to doing something about it. It goes to pride in what our ancestors were able to accomplish, how they contributed to what we are today. It goes to respecting their hardships and losses, their never giving in or giving up, their resoluteness to go on and build a  life for their family.

It goes to deep pride that the fathers fought and some died to make and keep us a Nation. It goes to a deep and immense understanding that they were doing it for us. It is of equal pride and love that our mothers struggled to give us birth. Without them we could not exist, and so we love each one, as far back as we can reach.

That we  might be born who we are. That we might remember them.
So…we do.

With love and caring and scribing each fact of their existence, because we are they and they are the sum of who we are. So, as a scribe called, I tell the story of my family. It is up to that one called in the next generation to  answer the call and take my place in the long line of family  storytellers.

That is why I do my family genealogy, and that is what calls those young and old to step up and restore the memory or greet those whom we had never known before.

-Author  Unknown