WH Breeder's Cup 2004

held at: tba
organizer: ally
hosts: tba

Welcome to the 2004 Wish Horse Breeder's Cup World Thoroughbred Championships!

This is where Wish Horse's finest Thoroughbred gather at the end of October.  It is where favorites can fall, where longshots can succeed, and where Champions can be made. It's where anything can--and often does--happen, ensuring that every minute, every race, is more thrilling and heart-wrenching than the last.
The Breeder's Cup is the pinnacle of Thoroughbred racing, and is often used as the pivotal final decision in Eclipse Award voting.  So, if your horse is in the hunt for a Championship, you can't afford to miss any of these twelve races.

Like last year, a different person will be hosting each individual Breeder's Cup race. If you would like to host, please contact Ally.

Before entering any of the BC preps, please review the following rules:

:: Breeder's Cup Rules

A few changes to the BC rules have been added or modified this year. To avoid any further confusion, they will now actually be posted on the BC page, right here:


:: Qualifying
The qualifying (into a BC prep) system is basically the same as it has been in the past, but we have added a 2yo rule. The qualfying rules are as follows:
- 2yos: Must have WON a maiden, PLACED in an allowance/L/GIII stakes, or RUN in a GII stakes to be eligible to run in a BC Prep.
- 3yo+: Must have WON an allowance, PLACED in a GIII/GII stakes, or RUN in a GI stakes.

- The need to attach a qualfying record to your horses is entries is no longer nessicary. In fact, we don't want it, so please don't send it.

:: Entering
All entries must be sent to wh_breederscup@yahoo.com. This is the official BC mailing address, and ALL ENTRIES SHOULD BE SENT THERE. Do not send entries to the individual holding the prep race, because they may be deleted.

Number of Entrants:
You may enter 3 horses in the first prep race. The number of entries you will have in the later prep races will be determined by how many horses you have already qualified to the Breeder's Cup. The entering/qualifying system is as follows:
- You may enter 3 horses in a prep race if you have 0 horses qualified.
- You may enter 2 horses if you have 1 horse qualified.
- Depending on the number of entries, you may enter 1 horse if you have 2 horses qualified. This means that people that do not have 2 horses qualified will be entered first, and if there is room in the race, owners who already have 2 hores qualified may be allowed to enter 1 more horse.
- If you have 3 horses qualified, you cannot enter anymore horses in that race.

Keep in mind that the above rules apply for a single race, not the entire BC. You may apply the above rules to the prep races for all 12 BC races, so that you could potentially have 2(or 3) horses qualify in each BC race.

** BC Prep Raceholders: PLEASE reply back to *every* person that enters the race and leave a short message saying that you recieved their entries. This is to reassure the owners that their entries have been counted and entered in the race. It is important that you do this, so that owners will know to check their entries and make sure they have been recieved if they do not get a reply. If they have been notified that their entries are in, then they won't have to worry about it.


:: Qualifying
The first 4 finishers in each prep race are automatically qualified to the BC. Then, depending on the number of entries in the raffle, 1-4 horses will be chosen through a raffle to complete the fields in each BC race.

The raffle will also be using a new system this year. It is a pyramid system, in which the number of entries entered in the raffle determine the number of entries taken into the Breeder's Cup. This is due to the fact that last year, only a couple of horses were entered in some of the races, so therefore, all the horses that entered qualified. And if you're just going to take *all* of the horses entered, what's the point in qualifying?
The new raffle system is as follows:
1-3 entries: 2 will qualify
4-5 entries: 3 will qualify
6+ entries: 4 will qualify

- Should a horse have to be removed from the BC field for any reason (i.e., injury, later disqualification due to uneligibility), then the next horse will be moved up and qualified. In the event of an injury, the 5th horse will not recieve EAC compensation nor be recorded as placing in the prep race. A disqualification, however, will move the 5th horse up to place in the race, giving him that placing in the eyes of the EAC.

:: Entering
Your horses are automatically entered into the BC if they place 1-4 in a prep race. However, you must pay a $500 entry fee for each horse you have entered in the BC (payable to the WHTRA at wh_ntra@yahoo.com). You may pay this anytime between when your horse qualifies and October 15th. After October 15th, you must pay a $1,000 entry fee for each horse entered. If you have not paid your horse(s) entry fee by the time results are done, then your horse will be disqualified from the race.

The first prep race is underway!
Enter a Breeder's Cup prep today, and you might have a Breeder's Cup Champion tomorrow!

FIRST PREP RACE: August 14th, 2004
Hosted by: Megs
Entries close: August 9

This is not real. It is for the SIM club, Wish Horse.