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The Talmud is one of the most major of all books in Judaism after the Torah. Here are some excerpts from Talmud (Warning: some of them are very disturbing to read):

OK to Have Sex With a Child:
Sanhedrin 54b. A Jew may have sex with a child as long as the child is less than nine years old.

Adults Allowed to Have Sex with Little Girls:
Kethuboth 11b. When a grown-up man has intercourse with a little girl it is nothing.

Jews Allowed to Marry 3-year old Girls:
Sanhedrin 55b. A Jew may marry a three year old girl (specifically, three years "and a day" old).

OK for Jews to Have Sex with 3-year old Child:
Babylonian Talmud States:
"Rabbi Joseph said, 'Come and hear. A maiden aged 3 years and a day may be acquired in marriage by coition.' Mishnah: A girl of the age of 3 years and a day may be betrothed, subject to her father's approval, by sexual intercourse. ...Gemara: Our Rabbis taught: 'A girl of the age of 3 years may be betrothed by sexual intercourse.' "

Attitude Towards Non-Jewish Children:
Yebamoth 98a. All Gentile (Non-Jewish) children are animals.

Abodah Zarah 36b. Gentile (Non-Jewish) girls are in a state of filth (niddah) from birth.

Non-Jews are Not Human:
Baba Mezia 114a-114b. Only Jews are human.

Schene luchoth haberuth, p 250b. Although the non-Jew has the same body structure as the Jew, they compare with the Jew as a monkey to a human.

Baba Mezia, 114b (page referrals).  The Jews are called human beings, but the non-Jews are not humans. They are beasts.

Honoring Dogs More Than Non-Jews:
Ereget Raschi Erod, 22 30.
The Akum is like a dog. Yes, the scripture says to honor the dog more than the Non-Jew.

Segregation of Women (and Dogs):
Pesahim 111a
(p. 571). It is forbidden for dogs, women or palm trees to pass between two men, nor may others walk between dogs, women or palm trees. Special dangers are involved if the women are menstruating or sitting at a crossroads.

It's OK to Kill & Steal from Non-Jews:
Sanhedrin 57a.
When a Jew murders a Gentile (Non-Jew), there will be no death penalty. What a Jew steals from a Gentile he may keep. 

It's OK for Jews to Lie to Non-Jews:
Baba Kamma 113a.
Jews may use lies (subterfuges) to circumvent a Gentile (Non-Jew).

Destroying Christian Books:
Shabbath 116a (p. 569). Jews must destroy the books of the Christians, i.e. the New Testament.

Jesus' Mother Mary  was a Whore:
Sanhedrin 106a. Says Jesus' mother was a whore: "She who was the descendant of princes and governors played the harlot with carpenters." Also in footnote #2 to Shabbath 104b it is stated that in the "uncensored" text of the Talmud it is written that Jesus mother had sex with many men.

Treatment of Pregnant Non-Jews:
Coschen Hamischpat 405. A pregnant non-Jew is no better than a pregnant animal.

Non-Jews are Disgusting:
Tosapoth, Jebamoth 94b. If you eat with a non-Jew it is the same as eating with a dog.

Toilet Dust and Honey for Health:
Gittin 69a. To heal his flesh a Jew should take dust that lies within the shadow of an outdoor toilet, mix it with honey and eat it.

Eating Dog's Excrement Mixed with Balsam:
Gittin 69b (p. 329). To heal the disease of pleurisy ("catarrh") a Jew should "take the excrement of a white dog and knead it with balsam, but if he can possibly avoid it he should not eat the dog's excrement as it loosens the limbs."

It's OK Not to Pay Owed Wages to Non-Jews:
Sanhedrin 57a. A Jew need not pay a Gentile (Non-Jew) the wages owed him for work.

It's OK for Jews to do Evil:
Moed Kattan 17a. If a Jew is tempted to do evil he should go to a city where he is not known and do the evil there.

Hitting a Jew or Hitting a God:
Sanhedrin 58b.
If a Gentile (Non-Jew) hits a Jew, the Gentile must be killed. Hitting a Jew is the same as hitting God.

No Need to Return Lost Objects to Non-Jews:
Baba Mezia 24a. If a Jew finds an object lost by a Gentile (Non-Jew) it does not have to be returned. (Affirmed also in Baba Kamma 113b).

It's OK to Kill Non-Jews:
Sepher Ikkarim III c 25. It is permited to take the body and life of a Gentile (Non-Jew).

Coschen Hamischpat, Hagah 425. It is the law to kill anyone who denies the Torah. The Christians belong to the denying ones of the Torah.

Bammidber raba c 21 & jalkut 772. Every Jew who spills the blood of the godless (non-Jews), is doing the same as making a sacrifice to God.

Soferim 15, Rule 10. This is the saying of Rabbi Simon ben Yohai: Tob shebe goyyim harog. Translation: Even the best of the Gentiles (Non-Jews) should all be killed.  <------   This passage is from the original Hebrew of the Babylonian Talmud as quoted by the 1907 Jewish Encyclopedia, published by Funk and Wagnalls and compiled by Isidore Singer, under the entry, "Gentile," (p. 617). This original Talmud passage has been concealed in translation. The Jewish Encyclopedia states that, " the various versions the reading has been altered, 'The best among the Egyptians' being generally substituted." In the Soncino version: "the best of the heathens" (Minor Tractates, Soferim 41a-b].  Israelis annually take part in a national pilgrimage to the grave of  Simon ben Yohai, to honor this rabbi who advocated the extermination of non-Jews. (Jewish Press of June 9, 1989, p. 56B). On Purim, Feb. 25, 1994, Israeli army officer Baruch Goldstein, an orthodox Khazar from Brooklyn, massacred 40 Palestinian civilians, including children, while they knelt in prayer in a mosque. Goldstein was a disciple of the late Rabbi Kahane who has stated that his view of Arabs as "dogs" is "from the Talmud." (Cf. CBS 60 Minutes, "Kahane"). University of Jerusalem Prof. Ehud Sprinzak described Kahane and Goldstein's philosophy: "They believe it's God's will that they commit violence against 'goyim,' a Hebrew term for non-Jews." (NY Daily News, Feb. 26, 1994, p. 5). Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg declared, "We have to recognize that Jewish blood and the blood of a goy are not the same thing." (NY Times, June 6, 1989, p.5). Rabbi Yaacov Perrin says, "One million Arabs are not worth a Jewish fingernail." (NY Daily News, Feb. 28, 1994, p.6).

It is lawful for a girl three years old to have sexual intercourse (Abodah Zarah, 37a; Kethuboth, 11b,39a; Sanhedrin, 55b,69a,b; Yebamoth, 12a,57b,58a,60b). 

When a man commits sodomy with a boy under nine years of age, it "is not deemed as pederasty" (Sanhedrin, 54b,55a). 

Sexual intercourse with a boy under the age of eight is lawful since it isn't fornication (Sanhedrin, 69b). 

The birth of a girl is an unhappy event (Baba Bathra, 16b). 

All women are "temperamentally light-headed" (Kiddushin, 80b). 

It is okay to divorce your wife if she spoils your food, or if you find a more beautiful woman (Gittin, 91a). 

Since all Gentiles are only animals, all Gentile children are bastards (Yebamoth, 98a). 



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