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Come on, this isn't a hard one. Didn't you pay attention in school? It was something like this: History, Math, WENIS, Social Studies ... did you catch it? It was right in front of you! No matter ... you will find out in time ... they always do. What you really need to ask is:

Where can I find out?
Who can tell me the answer?

Well my friend you are in luck, because I can give you the answer. Well not really, it will require many levels of painful gruelling torture and antiquated practices. Haha, just kidding. Don't worry about the WENIS right now? If you worry about the WENIS, you have to worry about the Nut Graf, and then the pain and the hurting and the hitting and it isn't pretty ... it gets complicated. You have to worry about being cool! Yes, you can be cool! Stretch of the imagination here folks, it is possible. All you have to do is kiss other people's asses! Not literally, but you get the whole jest of it! But im trailing off on another thought, you want to know the WENIS, want to know where?

The Mall!

Want to know who?


Wow, that sounds like a great game title. In fact there should be a game about Malls & Morons.

Be the coolest or uncoolest beyatch you can be! Grab anything with a blunt edge, put on some thick padding and prepare for a wild adventure in a place where anarchy is the law and if you can't defend it you don't deserve it! Travel to many unique places and do things you have only dreamed of doing in reality! All while in a mall! Be dangerous, be silly, be cool!

Malls & Morons

Coming June 2001

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