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This is called the Omnibus Web Site because it is designed to fulfill a variety of purposes, which are based upon the numerous interests of its owner. These interests will be outlined on this introductory page, with links to the pages which explore these interests in more detail.

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Who is the Owner?

Picture of G. Larry Whatley

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is G. Larry Whatley, and I have recently retired from a teaching career as a college professor. My specialization is music: more specifically, I am a music theorist and a composer, and I served on the faculty of Brevard College, 1963-2000, where I taught music theory courses in the Department of Music, Division of Fine Arts.

In addition to teaching music theory, I have also been active as a composer and a scholar. The particulars of my career are summarized on another page in this site.

Besides music, however, I have developed other interests over the years, and some of these interests have nothing whatever to do with music. In fact, developing these other interests has kept me more fresh for work in my chosen field. I have chosen not to view life exclusively through five parallel, horizontal lines! In this introductory page I shall list some of these other interests, and in other pages these interests shall be explored more fully.

Within the field of music, however, my primary focus has been the class room, especially as I have taught music theory courses, and I have always sought new, idiomatic ways of presenting material in a fashion which will make the material easier to learn and to remember. My goal is to bring undergraduate theory students to the point at which they can use the words "music theory" and "fun" in the same sentence with a positive attitude expressed!

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What are his interests?

  • Music
    • Theory and Theory Pedagogy
    • Analysis
    • Composition
  • Woodworking
  • Fly Fishing
  • Web Authoring
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Why this web site?

This web site is designed mainly for my friends and former students who may want to know more about me and who may want to stay in touch with me. Although the site originated as a project in web authoring, it exists to provide information not readily accessible elsewhere.

One of the main reasons for this site is to give access to an ongoing project in music theory pedagogy for those who may be interested: providing an online presentation of topics in music theory courses for learning or for review. This information developed in class notes prepared over a number of years and eventually became very successful in disseminating essential information about the various topis studied in class.

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How should one use the site?

Those who chance upon this site are invited to peruse it at their leisure and to draw from it what they wish. It is hoped that what they find will be useful and informative.

For those people looking for specific items, a navigation bar is included to allow immediate access to the desired information (useful especially to those seeking the theory pedagogy material).

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Last updated January 8, 2002.