Each year, thousands of America's horses are sold for slaughter, their meat sent to places like Japan and Europe for human consumption.

This website is dedicated to the memory of those horses that have already fallen victim to this fate, and to fighting to save those that still live.
*What Might Have Been*
Click here to read the poem that inspired the naming of this site.
*Dedications* *To My Beloved Hope*
As I photograph horses wating in the kill pens at the auction, some stand out. I sadly do not have the money to rescue them as I'd like, so I do what little I can in creating memorial pages for each of them, which can be accessed here. You may click here to read of my first (and currently only) rescued horse. My beloved pony Hope, who sadly passed away late last winter. She was my first rescue, and I pray she will not be my last.
*About Me*
Click here to learn a little about me. Some background on how I came to join this cause, and a bit about my future goals. Links to other horse rescue and anti-slaughter websites, as well as some personal links to my other websites.
*Other Issues*
*The Message Board *
Know of a horse in need or in danger of slaughter in your area? Need help? Or maybe just chat about your four-legged friends?
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This will probably change from time to time and will cover issues like the double-decker trailering problem.