What is Giftcity?

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In the World of Harmony existed two very different, and hopelessly dichotomous, cities: Giftcity and Gothicity. Three Gothicitian students, in their senior year, are chosen to attend school in the world of Giftcity, Harmony for a full year. When they meet Olivia, the average Giftcitian girl, her character will show them why Giftcity is the most hated place in all of Harmony. This book isn't just fiction, it's a document of the fall of the Giftcitian Empire; a story that's unfolding right before your eyes.


Western progress vs. Eastern cyclicalism.
Rejection of vocation in the face of self-service.
The societal bar of normality.
Why humans will knowingly leave other humans behind.

What's This About?

Giftcity was a project started on September 4th, 2005. Since then, the work has grown into a ca. 200-300 page book, and has matured a lot since its inception. It tells the story of three colored kids, Cannon Trot, his best friend Madison, and their friend Mandy. The work touches on contemporary issues, with a touch of postmodernity and style not seen often enough in teen literature.

The Protagonist and Antagonist

My aim is to reach out to kids, around age 13 to 18, middle and high school, to teach them the value of memetics and genetics having on our society and world. I hope once it's finished, we are shooting for a September 2007 send-off, it will be popular enough that I'm invited to speak to the kids.

After a subsequent deal of thought, I've researched, though unknown to me at the time, memetics. In celebration of the book's first year of work being done, I'll be posting a chapter of the work in progress right here, on September 5th of this year. Right now, heavy work is being done to restructure the piece, and 6 peer reviewers will be getting back to me shortly about strengthening the work.

Cannon Trot's two friends.

As well, I'll be doing my own graphic design work. To follow are crude, quickly done illustrations of three characters who appear in the book. Naturally, I'll be doing these by hand (I was once an art major), scanning, and refining in a paint program... when funds are more available.

The Guardians


08.10.06 Text file hits 100,000 words.

06.24.06 First Printing distributed to 6 peer reviewers.

06.01.06 Review Draft (V) Completed.

03.26.06 Draft IV Completed.

12.05.05 Draft III Completed

10.31.05 Draft II Completed

10.11.05 Draft I Completed

09.05.05 Project Begins.

Currently Undergoing Peer Review

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