What's Global
What's Global
What's Global, is the Clubwww1 Home, News & Information Letter, for Members of the Global Services, Online Answers, Better Bizniz Solutions and the many Service Sites within the Google Group eMail Structure that are all linked by the common goal of Improvement, whether it is, self, family, work, religion or business. Our partnership with Service on Sight Research Consultancy is seen as something that can benefit many people in all walks of life.

The various programs offered allow you to Ask, what you dont know, Hear what you might not listen to, and Look at what you might not normally see.

The vast number of Home Pages, are linked to Information Sites that will Help you through whatever it is you are looking to achieve.

For Members needing  an Individual response, a separate eMail address is available. Please remember, with respect, that each site is a work in progress, by that we mean projects are being worked on, online via the net. Each is provided the back up infrastructure and support, that you would generally expect to receive within the work environments of today, Management, Training and Development. You are encouraged to ask, that is the only way you will receive.

That being said news will be kept brief but light, the links provided will reflect humour. Only one link will be permanent, that is the food guide around the world, we have all got to eat!

One link for the worst or funniest site each month and the other two for what is considered interesting or not as the case maybe.

In submitting choices please remember that our pages, content and posts are read by a broad spectrum of people, with different cultures and attitudes, accordingly adult content or content considered offensive on any grounds, religious or moral will be considered wholly inappropriate.

We will embrace the Humour of News, in its full dress.

Editing the News Letter can be a bore, hardly worth the effort,undertaken under trying conditions.
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