Short Fan Fictions
Some of these may not be considered exactly SHORT, but I don't divide them into any thing but paragraphs. Please do NOT PUT ANY OF THESE ON YOUR PAGE. All characters names and any other Harry Potter trademarks belong solely to J.K. Rowling.
NOTES: Some of these have mild curse-language. Some also have some romantic themes involving like a kiss or something, but nothing "inappropriate". Unless you're really immature or you are actually 6 or 7, it's a completely safe romance references.


First Fall Out: About the trio's first fall (the season) out of Hogwarts.
The New Mr. and Mrs. Weasley: Well...I think the name says it all :)
A Job and a House for Hermione: Hermione can't find a job! What's she gonna do?
A Day in the Life of Crookshanks: And you thought this cat had nothing better to do then sleep...
Hardships: And you thought things got EASIER as you get older???
You're DREAMING!: I tried to do a lovey-dovey thing for R/H because it was a suggestion in the FF Comment Box, I hope you like :)
The Jobless: Ginny's officially out of Hogwarts! but what about a job...?
The Magic Dungeon: The Magic Dungeon is a dance club I made up :)
An American Journey: Hermione has to go to the US for some research for her new job at Hogwarts and drags Ron along :)
Professer Weasley and Professer Potter: Hermione and Harry's first days teaching at Hogwarts :)


So We Meet Again: Hm, now who could I be talking about?
The Letter... Part 1: This is the first FF I've written that hasn't been completed in one part. Someone's in trouble....but we know who to call when there's danger.
The Letter... Part 2: This is the conclusion of "The Letter".
Move On Already: God, you'd think at 21 you'd want the hell out of someone else's parent's house.

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