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Motivational Speaker
Robinson is a unique woman, filled with endless courage and faith, following the tragic loss of her oldest son to gun violence in front of a Chicago high school 15  years ago.   Her son, Larry, a star athlete and model student slated to run the 1992 Olympic Trials to gain a place on the prestigious U.S. Track Team was shot seven times in front of his former high school in a case of mistaken identity. 

Robinson's subsequent growth from this painful and gut wrenching experience has inspired her to share her touching story along with an in-depth approach of problem solving strategies that confronts the issues of violence affecting children in the schools, homes and communities. Combining an innovative curriculum with strong spiritual influence, musical and multimedia presentation, her workshops and seminars have moved and inspired people to be passionately proactive in lives of children everywhere.
Her 1995 appearance on "The Oprah Show" awarded her national recognition as Oprah's  First "Parent of the Week."

Lynette M. Elizalde-Robinson
Family Violence & Juvenile Delinquency Prevention Specialist
Serving 14 years as a Family Violence Prevention Advocate/Educator
Keynote Speaker

Conference, Savannah, GA
March 2-5, 2008
Sponsored by Georgia Southern University
   Ms. Robinson divides her time between her job in law enforcement  with the LAFAYETTE PARISH SHERIFF’S OFFICE as their Family Violence & Juvenile Delinquency Prevention Coordinator and that of  freelance consultant/educator/motivational speaker.  Her talents include creating,  developing and implementing  educational curriculums for law enforcement and justice departments, youth programs, faith based organizations and community action  populations that teach Family & Domestic Violence Awareness, Gang Awareness, and intervention/ prevention education for substance abuse offenders.  Her responsibilities with LPSO includes assessing,  maintaing and investigating caseload data of victims, outsourcing to supporting agencies and service providers, while reinforcing the positive benefits of victim’s services and advocacy to the community.  As  Project Coordinator  of Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office (LPSO) Youth Academy 2004-05 funded through The Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, sponsored by the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office in collaboration with the Lafayette Parish School Board and Acadiana Arts Council, Robinson wrote and implemented the Arts & Humanities intensive curriculum, hired and trained the staff, offering a unique and successful program to children of Lafayette Parish  identified with at-risk behavior. She also sits on the Executive Board of Family Violence Intervention Program (FVIP), and The Fetal Infant Mortality Review Board at Women's & Children's Hospital. Currently she is Louisiana State-wide Chairperson for the Louisiana Violence Prevention Alliance.

    Robinson's Specialized training includes:

Aggressors, Victims & Bystanders:  Thinking and Acting to Prevent Violence-Southeastern Louisiana University; Intelligence in Law Enforcement - FBI Academy;  National Incident Management System (FEMA) - Emergency Management Institute;  Drug Identification & Criminal Street Gangs Overview -Multijurisdictional Counterdrug Task Force, St. Petersburg College;  Crisis Debriefing for Youths and Adults:  Effective Techniques to Help Survivors of Crisis - ;  Crime Scene Investigation of Sexual Assault - Effective Law Enforcement Training for Investigators & First  Responders;   2004 DOC/VAC Training Exchange - Angola Prison, LA ;
Supervisory & Management Techniques - Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office ; Domestic Violence - Public Agency Training Council

Robinson was a presenter  at “17th Annual National Youth at Risk Conference”  last year in  Savannah, GA.  Her presentation DREAM ON examined her creative approach to identifying and assessing difficulties in working with youth at risk as well as and outlining  solutions for developing specific programs that inspire and enable children who would otherwise resist or not respond to expansive and creative thought.  As FOUNDER & EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OF:  “Larry Elizalde’s  END THE VIOLENCE,  Harvest a Dream Foundation, Inc. established in 1998, she continues her work with various agengices and organizations sharing her stategies developed from years of working in professional performing arts,  primary & secondary education and ministry. For more information on Robinson  CLICK HERE
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