What's the New Mary Jane?
What's the New Mary Jane?
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It began with a vision. The icon, the vision Spider-Man, and five years later it was affirmed by the question, who wants to put on a leotard and be screamed at? Hookers and Spider-Man. A good title for Stan Lee's biography I think.
Face it, Peter Parker is a masochist, he enjoys being pussy whipped. Aunt May just passed him off to Mary Jane and when he's in the old Spider's home it'll be his daughter's turn. And if there aren't any girls around the nearest father figure will do. The louder J Jonah Jamison screams the more he loves you.
Then there's the Osborns, not the Osbournes, but one must wonder who has better family values. Even Lionel Luthor would shoot the bad guy before he'd shoot his son. Norman would just fire then remind Harry to duck. Oh gosh, son, did I hit ya? Well, I was aiming in your general direction. My bad.
Everything about Spider-Man is between the lines. Before we go any further some ground rules, there are few. Most of the work is based on the comic books and a tad from the movies. You can read on knowing little or much about Spidey and friends, the more you know the more it changes, the more or less things will make sense. And sense is hardly what we make of it.
So where do you begin? I would read Cheap Trick first, it's not a start as much as a hub, and the plot twist is the kicker, the clue, the reason. I mean the whole thing began with one idea but to get to that part there has to be a part before and a part after, and one good part deserves another.
And the more I wrote the more I had to read, I measure the stack of reference material in feet, and the more I had to wonder. What if this happened instead of that? What happened here that we didn't see. Sure, the sixties were the sixties but what happened in Peter and Harry's apartment? And all those girls in his life? Betty, Liz, Gwen, Mary Jane, Deborah, Felicia, pussy whip, the first dessert topping for cats there son.
We mustn't forget the Osborns. What's with them anyway? Was Harry dropped on his head one to many times? Rolling his own? Score some Mary Jane there, son? Wouldn't that hurt more than Gwen and Norman's kids?
Yes, dear old dad does everything for Harry, does everything to Harry. My father is Norman Osborn, what's your excuse? His own flesh and blood isn't good enough for him so he sets his sights lofty, on Peter.
If they had never known each other's secret identities things might have been good but even though they do things aren't all bad. There have been times when Spidey has sought out the Goblin because he is the only one he can talk to. Wasn't it fun when we didn't know who the Goblin was or did it get better when everyone discovered it was dear old dad.
Yes, if we only knew then what we knew now. Which is why Cheap Trick is so important. It is the spider's body, where the web comes from. And even if you think you know you might not
thetangled web we weave
begin here
don't look
dead end
nothing yet
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