what's up richmond
what's up richmond
updated may 11 2004
this is a list of what's happening in richmond, indiana.  if you are doing something, whether it's your birthday party, frisbee in the park, an impromptu backyard show or you're playing D&D in your parent's basement, email it to us at whatsuprichmond@yahoo.com, and we will post it.  unless otherwise noted, everything listed here is all ages, thing listed in yellow are 18+ and red are 21+. events in maroon are earlham college student events
make something happen
  whatsuprichmond.com is back, yo. Unfortunetly it is now summer, and I'm gonna be out of town for a while, so the site is gonna rely entirely on your submissions. please email me with what you are making happen in richmond to whatsuprichmond@yahoo.com There have been a lot of changes over the past year. Probably the craziest thing i've seen in richmond this year i found out about a few weeks ago when I was riding my bike through Glen Miller park; everey Saturday from about noon to 4 there are about 30 to 50 people that gather to dress up in the park to dress up in capes and whatnot and battle each other with big foam sticks!!!!  enjoy richmond. check it out at www.amtgard.com:8080/
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Gennet Records
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