What's That Smell

Draqonelle gets out of bed.  It is just another day at Justice Heights Apartments.
Here is where it all comes together.  Here is some more information on the tenants and frequent visitors of the building. This old building is always being fixed up by Draq. She's always adding something new...
Fenrir, Draqonelle's Demon Familiar gives you a tour

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Terror runs in the streets like a pair of cheap Stockings...
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Gingko Biloba


Federation Of World Liberation


This is Murray Balthasar he lives in 309 (He can fly after all) He was adopted at T

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How to win friends and Mass murder people
You wanted it (or Did you)
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Can't you just smell the charred neurons?

Have you ever had anyone talk like this to you Hey Baby What you got in that poodle gun, anything for me? then come to the Die Fledermaus Archive of Bad Pickup Lines.

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The rank of Justice.
Liz's Tick Tutorial

Your guide to "The Tick" web ring" :The Giant Circus of the Mighty

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Hey Handsome hows about I take you up to my apartment and show you some of my writing.  It's not all fanfiction, you know.  Just put your lips together and blow