Created By: Seraph224 and friends

Here's some good ol' homemade games:

All games are zipped exes and made with Visual Basic. Have fun with them.

Note: You'll probably need This File To run these games. It is a harmless, self extracting exe.

Puzzle Games

  • Maze Maker
            1/11/05 By {BLANK}
    ---Create Your Own Mazes, Then Play Them!
    ---Fully Customizable Up To 20x20
    ---Downloadable Mazes Coming Soon
  • Tetris
            1/14/05 By Seraph224
    ---The Classic Puzzle Game In exe Format
    ---Next Piece Feature
    ---Drop blocks to form lines
  • Buttons
            1/18/05 By Moose
    ---A unique, simple, fun, mindless puzzle game
    ---Try to figure out which block gets you out
    ---Witty comments everywhere

    Item Based Games

  • How to Stop the Apocalypse With A Flower Pot
            10/30/04 By Seraph224
    ---Stop the apocalypse armed with nothing but a flower pot!
    ---Lots of quirky items and uses of them.
    ---A text based crimson room type game
  • How to Stop the Apocalypse With A Flower Pot Deluxe Edition!
            1/12/05 By Seraph224
    ---New! Graphical Pictures to track your progress
    ---New! Apocalypse Sequence
    ---New! Countdown Timer

    Eye Candy

  • The Aquarium
            1/18/05 By Seraph224
    ---A Virtual Aquarium!
    ---Watch The Fish Move Back And Forth
    ---Insanity Button Just For The Heck Of It

    Choose your own adventures

  • Princess Teacup
            1/18/04 By Moose
    ---Babysit princess teacup while her parents are away
    ---Try to do a good job and make the princess happy
    ---People who do a good job get payed more
  • King Arfur Bunny's Big Adventure
            1/18/04 By Chibi-Thanatos
    ---Based On Monty Python And The Holy Grail
    ---A Fun Adventure led By A Bunny
    ---Funny Dialouge

    Arcade-Style Games

  • Artillery Game (Slow Computers) (Fast Computers)
            11/28/04 By Chibi-Thanatos
    ---You are armed with a cannon and gunpowder
    ---Great cannonball and animation
    ---Try to hit the flag!
  • Artillery Game 2 Player
            1/18/05 By Chibi-Thanatos
    ---New! Two Player Version Of The Artillery Game!
    ---Adds More Replay Value To The Game Itself
    ---Try It Against Your friend!