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This Site Is Dedicated To The Best Band In The World...


To navigate this site, just put the mouse over the bar sticking out the side and the navigation bar will come up also if you find any broken links or problems, don't hesitate to email me. Also, this page uses Formal436 BT as a font. If it shows as a normal font, you'll have to download it.

New On The Site

Good News everyone! The site is now under reconstruction. It's going to have a new layout and everything and it will all be updated. So bear with me for the next while as we're seeing major changes.


Well, I have gotten one banner from my friend and as of
right now, it is the site banner but there is still a contest
so let's keep 'em coming!


Make a banner that you think is good enough to represent
this site. If yours is the best, you win and it will become the
official banner for this site
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