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This is the home of What Wave magazine's web site. We've finally found the time to do some work on this baby; so if you haven't been here in awhile you'll see some major alterations. In addition to information about issues, we've included some of the pages pulled right out of your fave issues and posted for all to read. (Yep! pulled right out and plopped onto the scanner for your viewing enjoyment.) We don't have the time, energy or inclination to copy whole issues, so we've yanked out some articles that we thought would be fun to post. Surf around - that's taken on a whole new meaning since What Wave was first published. (it's not just about Dick Dale anymore!) and see what's to offer. While most of our stuff is old, like us, we'll try to stay on top of any garage/rockabilly/60's/psychedelic/guitar rock/etc. stuff we come across and post it in the Rants and Raves section.

Roll on, Dave and Rena!


*New and exciting. CHRW  http://chrwradio.com  has been working hard to make a historical record of all of the music that features London bands. They have established a web site chock full of MP3's - that includes almost all of the What Wave releases. Just click on the Title of the what wave release on the issue pages and you will link to the appropriate CHRW site. Thanks guys!

Also tune into Radio What Wave every thursday evening from 7 to 8:30PM on CHRW 94.9FM in London Ontario. You can listen live through the web, and the show is also archived for one week at the CHRW website. Join your hosts Dave or Mike (Speed City Mike, we alternate weeks) for the finest in garage, power pop, punk, rockabilly, surf and all other forms of cool music. http://chrwradio.com


Also check what wave's myspace site for the playlists for  Radio What Wave... http://myspace.com/whatwave



This page features a complete catalogue of What Wave publications: dates published, a list of contents, pictures of the covers and pinups and details of any special bonuses that may have come with each issue. There are some issues still available, check out each issue's page for ordering availability and the boutique sections below. Plus links to CHRW's MP3's.



Articles and Fun Stuff:

Fave bands - Articles fresh outta What Wave on some of the bands we often featured. Includes: Legend Killers, UIC, The Gruesomes, Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet, Teenage Head, The Flying Squad, The Cunts, The Purple Toads, Deja Voodoo and the Fleshtones.

Lists - For some reason at What Wave, we love to make lists. Here are some really old ones and maybe we'll make a new one soon.

Artists -What Wave was fortunate enough to featuure some incredible graphic artists during its run. Check out some of their work here.


Current faves and rants: This section is a mish mash of some record reviews, live show reviews or just plain rants and raves on whatever turns my crank at the moment.  


The What Wave Boutique:

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Albums, singles, CDs, fanzines and more, just go to the boutique:


Records for Sale 

A bunch of records available to purchase in various styles, from garage to punk to rockabilly in everything in between. Check out our site here.

Some Cool Links - musical aand otherwise:

On this page you'll find a bunch of cool links that follow the What Wave Tradition of rawk and wrestlin' and all things wyld and unusual. Check some of these places out!


Dave and Rena

Contact us at: whatwave@rogers.com

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