What Does It All Mean
What Does It All Mean

the face on Mars I am interested in why the world is the way it is: the origins of our religions and the structure of our universe (both scientifically and socially). I have found that the reality of the world and its history is sometimes different than I was taught. These interests lead to the investigation of " what is life " and " who am I " from a personal and religious perspective. While I have links to other sites and several lists of books and references, this mix of Zen and catastrophism is my own world view that I have never seen expressed by anyone else. Over time, I find myself tinkering with its edges but my core conclusions regarding " what does it all mean " remain relatively intact. This site brings together topics from ancient mythologies, religion, the Bible, Jesus, life after death, creation and evolution, ethics, our social nature, America and future society.

I felt the need to write down my thoughts and in so doing share them with others. I am curious whether others have discovered the same connections that I have and perhaps they have found some that I have not. Undoubtedly, others will not share my perspective but I feel that I can see the big picture of what life is all about. Since I started this web page in late 1999, I have had a number of readers agree that my presentation makes sense.

A simple question without a simple answer:

What does it all mean?

A simple question without a simple answer:

What does it all mean?

In answering this, another common question is also answered:

What is the meaning of life?

My observations lead to another serious question (that is also addressed here): what is the future for mankind? One cannot know the future unless one understands the past.

I have collected my thoughts into several groups.

Jesus and Santa - christianity, religion and myths, jesus james paul, venus mars saturn, bible as word of god - what does it all mean The past: mythology and the origin of our religions

The big picture: the origins of Christianity The Dead Sea Scrolls and other Biblical research reveal the common interpretations do not match historical evidence.

More about the big picture The relationship of ancient mythologies to the origins of Christianity.

The life and times of Jesus, James and Paul More information about the historical evidence of these three important characters in the New Testament.

The main myths involving Venus, Mars and Saturn Many of the ancient myths involve several important planets.

The Bible as the Word of God Who wrote the Bible and when?

earth - religion and culture, creation and evolution, intelligent design, god and ethics, moral behavior, why are we here, why am i here, who am i

declaration of independence, our founding fathers created a government for the people to rule the people - what does it all mean
The present: religion and culture

Teaching creation or evolution What does it say for our culture that religious beliefs are presented at the same time as scientific theories?

Thoughts on religion Growing up Catholic.

Our global community A human being is a social creature. The denial of that part of our nature has major consequences.

An example community to illustrate our social structure: Detroit from High in the Sky

Does God Bless America? I often hear America is based on Judeo-Christian beliefs. Did our founding fathers really want our government to be run by those with strong religious beliefs?

Does Life Reveal an Intelligent Design? I often hear this claim but it presumes complexity requires its design. The statistical chances for any one team to win the annual NCAA basketball championship are not small but when one team finally wins did that difficult outcome require design (also known as a fix)? The rules of the game determine the winner, just like the rules of biology, chemistry and physics determine the life forms that succeed.

Is There Life after Death? This belief makes no sense philosophically, nor can it be physically proven since the supernatural cannot also be natural.

Who is God? The Wizard of Oz, hiding behind the curtain, is a good analogy to the belief in God. The Eastern religions do not require this supernatural wizard, but the Western religions certainly do.

Why Are We Here? Who Am I? Each person must recognize their nature as a social creature. The denial of that innate characteristic can lead to many psychological issues.

Attitudes in Science and Religion I find that many social and cultural conflicts are based in religious beliefs. Religious perspectives are skewing scientific practices.

Christianity in Crisis The movie Passion of the Christ at the same time as the gay marriage debate have brought Christianity into the news. Is there a problem here?

Ethics and Moral Behavior What is true moral or ethical behavior in light of our true nature as social creatures?

Jokes about the Bible as the Word of God defining Proper Behavior

Do We Have Tyranny? The founding fathers wrote the Constitution to prevent a small group from taking over, by providing checks and balances in the three primary legs of our government (executive, legislative and judicial). Recent events show that these Constitutional checks and balances are no longer effective.

The War on Terror Is this really a war on terror or a war with another purpose?

Venus, Mars, Jupiter - astronomy, religion, philosophy, search for truth, meaning of life - what does it all mean The near and distant future: a search for truth

Our future as a global community What is our future, in light of our true nature as social creatures?

What is the meaning of life? Who am I? Why am I here?

The search for truth There are many looking for truth, in science, history and religion.

Links: the current search for truth with the internet A list of interesting links to other web pages, revealing progress in this search for truth.

Publications of interest, both books and periodicals

Publications - Pensee, Kronos, Aeon, Thoth In the past 30 years, many articles have been published with the research into ancient mythologies and archeological evidence. The consequences of that research have even influenced theories of the evolution of our solar system.

Books about science, mythology, etc. A list of books I have read during my research into 'what does it all mean'.

Books about religion (including Zen and Eastern religion) A list of books I have read during the development of my religious perspective.

A few of my favorite links. A list of interesting links.

A little about me, the author.

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