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Black Beards is a farm located in Central North Dakota, an exceptional area where the soil and climate come together in a way that makes it an ideal location for growing several varieties of grain which are popular with wheat weavers and the dried floral industry.
The crop is watched closely to determine when it is at the stage that will produce berries and straw that are ideal for the intended uses.
When everything is just right, the grain is harvested and tied into small bundles. These bundles are carefully watched and turned by hand to dry evenly in the warm late summer sun.
fumigate The dried grain is sealed into a chamber and fumigated to insure that it is completely pest free. This extra step is just one more reason that Black Beards'products are considered to be the highest quality available to the wheat weaving community and the dried floral industry.
The pest free grain is moved into the barn where it is stored until it can be cleaned, graded, and packaged for shipment. barn
The entire family pitches in to
clean and grade the grain.
Generations of experience have
produced a level of expertise
unmatched in the industry.
The final product is graded and wrapped ready to ship. Black Beards' large inventory assures that orders can be processed in a timely fashion.

Black Bearded Durum is our major product, but not our only product.
We also grow and sell ND durum, wheat, oats, speltz, and flax.
These crops receive the same
intensive attention to detail as our Black Bearded Durum.
Also, as a service to our customers, we carry a line
of peripheral products often needed by wheat weavers,
such as wheat weaving kits, Scandi, Spanish Moss, and books.

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