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Greetings carbon life forms & solid state devices. This is Lou Pan's personal web page as of now (several email accounts went unavailable, maybe because I logged on from UC Berkeley's network)! [My department's alumni link points to this page]. Lots of "social" "engineers" which is typical in a field for those who apply science to bring what new progress & advantages arrive to companies & society. And reinvent & retest tricks regularly like the wheel, propanolol & neutron
immyg's->jimmy->dvd's! And good people, women & minorities conned into helping hurt & keep good people down so they can't make the world better for them. The latest is ripoffs in some stocks & facing harrassment if not ripoffs with the law.

Hey! I'm NOT ONE OF THOSE DESTRUCTIVE JERKS anymore. Not for years! I'd rather reveal nothing, don't know why I thought on these things or why I give a damn enough to say it with all the fucking assholes in this world, but others also will & have. I assume you can complete the reasoning over time & just say partial steps or hints on some lines of thinking. The pay is a disgrace & my time's been wasted as it is. I'll say the rest of this civilly & pretty politely, considering.

(© All writing is copyrighted. Get written permission before copying or quoting it in any form. Of course, it's my choice to apply that, against opponents of these opinions. Act wisely)

Things I've been thinking about:

A2. Habitats are recklessly destroyed, overharvested & polluted! This affects fish ecology in a major way for example. (Click this for a link to web page copy with a good point of view on this) It's all
just putting pearls before sarcastic swine to abuse with no appreciation of how complex they really are! It's like how you can use technology without appreciating it. A logical mind should value each organism & preserve a wide variety of each one. What a disappointment that people who've taken science class are so oblivious & unappreciating! ......There are NO maps, supermarkets, faucets, timeouts (from getting eaten alive or anything else!), or laws for wild animals when mankind makes them refugees. Only any kindness, values & respect they happen to feel for fellow residents of earth. Go hike & think what it's like. So before jumping into a wild area to log & bulldoze I think it's nice to make some noise & vibration beforehand. Catch onto the different life cycles & patterns.

B. My theory is, the disadvantaged - the minorities - are often locally treated & twisted by the social power so that they are often disliked or even hated by power wielders(& the inverse). Like Jews in Nazi Germany, Arab Muslims in Europe & the US.
Especially if you're Boring In The USA. "So tell me, what don't you like about yourself?" (FX networks). Is fear or loathing driving this? Prejudice is an idiocy to oversimplify complexity. Build things & you'll see nothing's ever exactly alike & it's a skill to adapt to differences. It's a giant universe that we're a part of; diversity is a little important & valuable.

C. It's a braver newer world every day. But we exist as individuals, not a collective colony of clones like ants or bees. Keep it that way - it's a gift of life, fool!
Many technology businesses are ridiculously tough as it is. Look at what's happened in the clothing or food business. A weasel-ly expense in technology might create a collective colony society & do the same thing to technology (& other businesses). Developing such technology is also dangerous & you're seriously unaware to try to & not understand why. It's also an inhuman way to treat any species. Be careful what you work on can't be transformed for that purpose. Some real smug jerks in the spy agencies & stock markets have been suckered into thinking they're so clever they can hide that they're working on that. And fund environmental destruction. There's no market or chance in this era for improvements instead? ! Their acts have advertised that just as it's starting a technology age, the world's dominant life form is ripe for takeover by any other force just clever enough. Are they looking to get vacuumed up by hostile aliens, to mention an extreme hazard? Or spill the secret to someone going by with a better quality foreign videocam or stereo, or driving in a low mileage heavy metal copy of an american car? ! It's absolutely valuable to distribute films & works on this topic so this threat is understood, but I wouldn't even send them over satellite or wireless any more (& hope that's safe enough).

D. Remind yourself often of your values & ethics when it comes to sex & love. I theorize many forget when lust hits & oddly do what they wouldn't in most other situations. It doesn't help to send mixed messages & mean yes but say no. Worse, there are expert liars who use everything they can steal & copy & buy to get laid (give them repair warranties for what they steal?). People of all orientations often play the fool for sociable confidence men (& women) & "dirty rotten scoundrels". Some have an odd view that hurting feelings is hardly anything. Be cynical about the illogical thing called love. I will just state that good love brings good things into your life (in a logical sense free of emotion) & equally you to your lover. Love that doesn't feel good & brings pain & also cruelty is very likely bad for you. Tell yourself over & over to wise up & punt that scammer away.

E. I'm afraid people, especially agents, are judging guilt & punishing people without using quality scientific standards of proof, like in US courts but more sophisticated of course. If you are going to base vengeance & punishment on moral justice & guilt, make sure you're not getting deviously scammed by a devilish mind who's hijacked some DEA system or CIA operative. They accuse "little people" of insanity & disturbing social order with disruptive behavior. How about if agents keep a lid on those mischievous urges? Get how antisocial it is to enjoy playing tricks on & sabotaging the people in (usually your own) society?

F. Did all you agents stay mellow & non-angry when someone farted or spread some kind of smell or foul shit in your general area?! None demanded retribution? What about the shit our living spreads throughout the world? What will we use bioengineering for, if not reducing the amount of pollution & shit we, business, our pets & livestock release. Maybe engineering emotionless, unintelligent synthesizers that secrete food bases isn't in our capability. You could call it soylent surimi, though. Bet you can't keep it a profitable controlled secret.

G. I feel like telling people to teach girls & children that loud play-screaming & fighting-shouts are like the false alarms everyone ignores now. Police agencies will get there right away if the real thing happens. Ordinary people won't be paying attention & taking the risk of checking on the sound.

But... maybe I'm not cynical enough about this & all the concrete & this planet's biological surface is slated to be mistreated & destroyed by determined singleminded self interest. So trying to protect it is a waste of time. The perverse thing is nature shows let you think there's lots of animals when they're disappearing fast. Do you see them often on a hike?
See why recent human progress is a very doubtful miracle for the planet?! Think your long ancestral line has been perfectly blessed, yeah? Is anything that acts so stupidly "meant to survive"? ! The most astounding (quite possibly, & coolly decorated) land animal is NOT a predator despite the world's incidence of theft & predation. Maybe people don't have the skills, funding & values now to protect life so inhuman jerks can't abuse or steal it. They protect armories & money. Meanwhile I've been ripped off giving valuable evaluations & consultations without pay or cheapshit pay. Just give away secrets to evil enemies for free, right? ! What would each real estate agent pay to know some reasons why they'll have to flee & their lives & see territory demolished, damn it? ! I'll say this is fair warning. Well, enlightened "good" people can take my comments here, size up the situation, & act wise & intelligent!

Sports & outdoors are still my thing but yep, the rumors are true, I had a very difficult illness to deal with the last few years. Recovery was slow. NO, it's not Aids &
I will never nor have lived that kind of alternative sex style, which some are apt to suspect about me living in the SF Bay Unix area. What part of NO are some people trying to misunderstand? ! Recovery has taken mega time. If this writing is hard to read, tough! To borrow from the movie "Visible Planet" - I guess - if you can only see this by the recording, then my kind was likely wiped out by the most superior invaders.

I've been sticking to the Oakland area the last 4 years & unless you're family visiting or rarely biking with me, I've been out of touch.
Sorry! But I do NOT end up with much spare time. My green bike Zed is gone, lasted travelling but stolen 4 yrs ago in Berkeley. No sports about catching things since illness affected my eyes in a major way. Major bummer these years - I was trying to vacation then in 97, travelling & hiking. It's been a real learning experience. Live & learn! I moved out of a nasty apt. on Francisco & life is better. The manager worked at the Forestry Dept of all places. (Some of the Lakireddy's finally got caught for murder & slavery. There was just something about their tenants who never told police. Watch out, they own 2 Pasand cafe's & Reddy Realty's still the biggest landlords there.) /span> And if you ask me what quality time is, I'd have said, "What's that?!" It's only the last 3 months that they've let my life be happy the way it ought to be. And seeing people with other physical problems DOES NOT make me feel better about my life. It's a perverse bizarre oddity it sometimes can, without real thinking. I know I've said this part backwards. What a favor I'm doing myself writing this; I doubt most deserve it. So forget who told you this. There's risk that destructive people won't control negative emotional reactions to these constructive opinions & won't think of constructive responsible changes & better ways of making money & bring trouble on everyone else. I'll know why (forwards: help make it safer). [If I stay safe & well & keep from hurting myself, it's because someone wants to be mislabeled as evil, or a murderer; & deduces the real source of this thinking is elsewhere, & can very possibly be a more dangerous threat than you imagine to anyone who tries to hunt them] And success now means never thinking of changing things & doing things just like the old days. If you figure out any useful things about the meaning of life & these games of life & force, do/don't let me know, but not over the net. "That's what I didn't learn" (not from the orig. Nutty Professor movie ending) This is about all I plan to spell out on my current views about the meaning of life.

After hiking & travelling around alot, more than before, I appreciate nature is mistifyingly amazing, surprising & awesome, despite meeting up with the big El Nino & La Nina weather of
"Lou Pan"
("Lu Pan")
© (Derluen Pan)
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