Hello Star Wars fans welcome to my web page. On this web page you will find a large picture archive of past and present action figures from the Hasbro/Kenner line. So if you are collecting Star Wars action figures, you will enjoy this web page I have created. Think of my web page as a checklist for you.

When you are collecting Star Wars action figures, there is a grading system to determine what kind of condition your Star Wars figures are in.

  1. C1 or C2 - A poor condition item will have any combination of the following wrong. Tears or rips in the card, proofs of purchase cut out or missing and heavy edge wear. The bubble may be dented or partially torn away from the card and or cut.
  2. C3 or C4 - This is a step up from Poor but still is in bad shape. The card may contain small tears and heavy edge wear. The bubble may also contain dents dings or scratches.
  3. C5 or C6 - A Very Good card should show no tears but may have some creasing still and edge wear will still be evident. The bubble may still show some small dings but no major dents should be present.
  4. C7 or C8 - Excellent condition will find no tears to the card and edge wear will be at a minimum. The bubble will be completely in tact.
  5. C8 or C9.9 - The only wear you should find on a near mint piece would be normal wear during shipment. The card will be clean without tears, scratches or creasing. The bubble will be completely in tact with no scratches.
  6. C10 - There is nothing wrong with the card or the bubble.

Basic Terms to know:

Bubble - What the figure is encased in on the card.

Card - This the backing piece to your figure-it includes the photo, brand logo, and any information about that particular figure.

Description - Each line of figures will probably have its own set of descriptions for example Star Wars figures may be found on a red card, green card, freeze frame card etc.

Grading - It determines the market value of the carded Star Wars figure.

MOC - Mint on card, meaning the figure is in its sealed card unopened.

If some figures have unwanted price tag stickers I recommend GOO GONE. It is an adhesive/strain remover. You can get it at any local hardware store and it isn't toxic.

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