Kian Egan
Full Name: Kian John Francis Egan
Nickname: Alph
Date Of Birth: 29th April 1980
Place of Birth: Sligo, Ireland
Star Sign: Taurus
Eye Colour: Blue
Height: 5'10"
Family: Parents - Kevin & Patrica Egan
Brothers- Gavin, Tom & Colm Egan
Sisters - Viv, Fenella & Marielle Egan
Likes: Being in Westlife, Performing, Nights Out
Dislikes: Rude People & Sushi
Hobbies: Snooker, Pitch & Putt, Shopping & Music
Instruments: Guitar & Piano
Fave Sport: Soccer
Fave Team: Leeds United
Fave Song: 'Baby One More Time' - Britney Spears