Come follow the traveling adventures of a newly freed Velvet Elvis
Welcome to the Velvet Elvis Liberation Page
Come follow the traveling adventures of a newly freed Velvet Elvis
For a long time a neglected Velvet Elvis lived in the bathroom of a cool pizza place owned by a guy named Dave (called Dave's Pizza oddly enough) in Homewood, Alabama.  Check out Dave's and the Tuscany Pizza- excellent choice with a vintage bottle of Coors Light.

I have looked at this Velvet Elvis on many occasions as I recycled my beer and felt really sorry for him.  I mean, heck, he died in a bathroom- he shouldn't have to spend eternity there! He is the KING and he needs to get out and be with the people for a little while.  He does, believe it or not, actually like his little spot on the restroom wall.  After he has gotten out and put the velvet to the road he wants to come home.  So Dave all I can  say is ELVIS HAS LEFT THE BUILDING- but he will be back!
Back to his roots, this time the King took a little bike trip down the Natchez Trace and points beyond. Top left is the Natchez Trace sign and above are some random people who are known here as the "star people" for obvious reasons. Lots of pics to share from this trip so come back soon for another update! ...BTW click here to go to the GALLERY page and see all of the King's traveling adventures!
FINALLY! The long awaited and over promised GALLERY is completed. Check back frequently because there are new adventures being added all the time.
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