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Behind the War!!!
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which we, Sunnantha Wannarat,
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Sittikarn Youngbantao,
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at Dhurakijpundit University,
are doing with Aj.Harald Kraus.
This project is about
the Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD's) in Iraq, the destructive invention which was not found yet since USA had charged Iraq for this accusation.

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The war started by America was taking possess Iraq, in the accusation of having Weapon of Mass Destruction [the remaining bombs of the Persian Gulf War in those year] but this accusation is not proved to be true yet.
     The reason of USA in this invasion was to disarm the Iraq WMD's, in reaction to the perceived threat, according to the action of Iraq, that they would probably use these dangerous weapons fight against USA. So USA has raised the issue of protecting their nation and show their spirit to protect the world peace.
     The reason above seem to be general and not reliable, so the Bush Administration had given more justifications to support their action in such an important mission.
     These are the justifications given by the Bush Administration.
     - Saddam, who had killed his people brutally and violated the human rights from his people, is an evil person.
     - Saddam had ignored and violated resolutions of the United Nation Security Council relative to inspections and disarmament and must be removed to protect the credibility and integrity of the United Nation.
     - Saddam has WMD's in violation of UN demands and thist could be transferred to threat to the U.S. homeland and its people.
     - Saddam is probably deal with Al Qaeda and therefore bears some responsibility for 9/11 and must be remove as part of the war on terrorism.
     - Moreover, in the report of the weapons inspectors had said that Saddam had been trying to buy aluminum tubes useful in uranium separation plant, which can produce an atomic bomb. If he succeeded in building, he would probably transfer them to Al Qaeda.
     - Beside, UN weapons inspectors won't do any good. They failed to disarm Saddam before, and would fail again.
     These justifications are reasonable in some cases but they are not good enough to support the pre-emptive striking without the denouncement from others nations because there was no proof at all.
     To make their accusation reasonable, there was a weapon inspection under the Bush Administration and their obedient allies that at first had strongly agreed with USA on the condemnation of having bombs.
     The WMD's inspection had started by asking Iraq to reveal their bombs but they refused and were indifferent to what they would face from this refusal. Then, the military force was used after the failure in the inspection.
     It has since been found that WMD's did not exist in Iraq. Even their obedient allies had changed their minds after they realized the fact that there were no bombs at all. Even British Prime Minister Tony Blair told a parliamentary committee that he now accepts weapons may never be found in Iraq. Thus, America is the only one who continues to insist that the weapons will be found. If this is what they really believe, they are fishing for a needle in the ocean.
     So, one might be led to conclude that they were lying all along.
     There may well have been other reasons for invading Iraq. The reason, which are obviously seen, are the benefit of Iraq resources [oil,for example] and the political revolution.
     But there is one interesting issue that is why USA still confidently defends their accusations.
     This is perhaps a performance, acting by USA, the mighty tiger, in order to turn people attention from 9/11 which showed that little ants can humiliate this mighty tiger.
     The USA lost its face. The result of being insulted made them did something to redeem their dignity and retain their potentiality.
     As Al Gore,the former vice president, said that Bush is increasing his own power at the expense of the other branches of government and individuals' civil liberties. The greatest danger to the United States is not terrorism but the possibility that Americans will acquiesce in the slow and steady accumulation of too much power in the hands of one person.
     Therefore, this accusation of having WMD's in Iraq , which seems to be possible, is a good opportunity to invade Iraq and overshadow the USA's flaws that once they had been attacked by the torroist group[this can also retain their power as they use to do usually].
     The action that USA had done  seem to work efficiently because people now look at USA as a powerful country that are sincerely to protect humankind and the world.

    The world situation today is going worse as there is a serious conflict between Iraq and America. This event happened, if remember, the Persian Gulf War in 1991. In that war, Iraq was trying to take over Kuwait. America had interfered right in the situation but this time is not a similar situation.
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