most of you probly know bout the accident in april 2000 that me and three friends were in.. but this is for the people that dont know.. me ,dee,cmc and neat were in a freak accident which ended dees life on the 2nd of may. Dee was the madest and it affected all of our yr 10 class extremely.. we never will get over it and know shes watching us all the time! we all LOVE U DEE .... This was a major thing in my life as i'd spent all of my time with dee and i didnt know how to act... i had many people try and talk to me and only a few made contact. wierdly enuf it was people i didnt even know.. like dees uncle and a local temora girl whod had something similar happen to her and of course aggie who really brought everything out of me... now i look at things differently and i see that people are more than what i thought.. i cant stand vein ignorant snotty people that think there all that.. and i cant stand narrow minds... dees death has changed my life forever. i cant explain how its made me different it just has now i focus more on awareness and yeah everything on this site most of it anyway
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The AccidEnT
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