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hey my names sophie.. also known as KEG and KeGGY and even sometimes smelly biatch... going insane is something that will probably happen to me this year due to the fact that HSC is soon so ive decided to start this page to keep me from losing my simple little mind... enjoy
this may look like a visiter from the other world but its actually a pic of someones interpretation of astral travelling.
I like to  have fun with my friends and go to partys, this is pretty normal but i have some interests that my friends probably would dis-own me for.. this includes spirit drawings (ill explain this later) and lotsa meditation..since ive goten interested in this stuff many wierd and funky things have happened in my life to really sober me to what really goes on in the world
When i grow up i wanna become a naturopath.... and go into hypnosis, kinesiology, and yeah heaps of cool stuff.... but next year i have no idea what im going to do maybe ill join the RAAF, or maybe ill do a massaging course or maybe ill do a nursing degree..... anything to fill in a couple of years would be rather nice...
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