WEll was melbourne jail a freaky place!!!!! i hated it it was disgusting.. i can still remember to this day details of criminals faces and that freaks me out... anyway this was the night afterwe had done the sayonce... and i think i mighta been a little bit jumpy but the thing was no one knew what we had done except for our group NO ONE!! so no one woulda known that i was shitting myself in there but dean.. and my group.. i swear to god that after we saw were ned kelly was hung i was tapped on the shoulda by something other than a human! i know this sounds like i was just freaked out but i swear it must have been something else cos every one behind me had no guilty faces and i knew their guilty faces trust me .... so when some had tapped me on the shoulder i dont know if it was some one i knew or something but yeah that was pretty scary for me!
melbourne jail!!!!!!!!!!