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Many things change in life; life changes, the times change,
and so have I!!

I have shared my life with the world over the internet.  I lived my life for the world to see at which was a huge experiance. has been since on MTV and talked about in many other forums as well as on John's site.  I learned alot about people in that year.
I may have continued to live my life but, about four months after living there Halycon moved into the house as the house manager.  Miss M was his girlfriend at the time and for some reason she did not like me, to this day I couldn't tell you why.  I moved out of my will- on July 31, 2001 due to this misunderstanding and moved into my own apartment in Colton, California. GODS will, Thank the Lord. I lived in Colton, California for nine months. On June 22 or so I met some really cool people who were going to North Carolina in a big rig. I ask could I go and the rest is history.

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