Let's Go Candlepin Bowling!!

Let's Go Candlepin Bowling!!




Bowling centers range from very small to very large. Some centers also are "mixed" or "split" houses, with candlepin and tenpin lanes offered in the same center. All of the centers listed here will have candlepin lanes. The number and type of lanes will also be included if that information is available.

If nothing is listed next to the name of the center, I have yet to find out what type of scoring system they have in place.
In that case, be prepared for traditional scoring.

The Links on the Bowling Center names bring you to a map with the address and phone number.

I will do everything possible to keep this web page up to date, but bowling centers are opening and closing all of the time. If you know of a candlepin bowling center (or centers) not included on our list, or one that has closed since my list was created (or can help me fill in any other missing information)
please e-mail me at snowman11784@gmail.com

Special thanks to Scott Moore, Sessa, Chris, Anthony, Evan, Matt, Kevin, Trevor, Bruce from Candlepin Gallery, and everyone else who contributed.

Andrew C. Little
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