Whangarei Lions Club

Whangarei Lions Club (Inc.)

(known as Whangarei Deep Sea Lions)

Whangarei, New Zealand

District 202G

By joining a Lions Club you can achieve so much as part of a dedicated team, and at the same time enjoy the fellowship of other people who share the same aims and ideals.

Lions come from all walks of life to share this common interest, irrespective of occupation, religion, race or creed.


Lions provides the opportunity for members to enjoy sharing activities with like-minded people. This can be a great asset when moving into a new area and also for creating strong friendships and career contacts.


Lions allows members to participate in various projects and events for the community within a group structure. This allows members to utilize their skills and talents.


Because of the diversity of activities and projects Lions participate in, there are numerous opportunities for members to expand their skill base and knowledge.


Every Lion member has the opportunity to contribute to the leadership of the Club. This provides ongoing leadership and opportunities that can be beneficial both personally and career wise.

If you are interested in finding out more about Whangarei Lions please use the Contact link below for a list of contact telephone numbers and our email address.

Please visit our Gallery page using the link below for a look at some photos of our Club happenings.