Which Tetris Block Am I? Quiz

Which Tetris Block Am I?

Do you count Tetris blocks to get to sleep? Do images of L-Shaped blocks ever dance in your head? Have you ever wondered, "Which Tetris block perfectly reflects my inner personality?"

Wonder no longer.

Now you can analyse your personality in simple Tetris form!

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Your desk is:
Neat and tidy.
Full of half-finished projects.
Full of half-started projects.
Functional, useful, ugly.
Covered in shelves made from books.

Intel's Frank Spindler said, "The (130-nanometer) process is ramping like a hose." What he meant is:
The process is working better than ever.
The process is totally broken and we have no idea why.
The only way I can draw media attention to our new products is by inventing zany catchphrases.
I forgot my medication today.
I may be a nerd, but I am a nerd with all your money.

Select one of the following:
I'm a little teapot,
Short and stout.
Here is my handle, here is my spout.
When I get all steamed up, then I shout,
Tip me over and pour me out!

The Baptist.
Paul II.
Paul Jones.
F. Kennedy.

Your place of abode is on fire. The one thing you take out of the house is:
Yourself. Everything else is thoroughly covered by comprehensive insurance.
Your computer.
A copy of your insurance papers (but you mysteriously forget to bring an itemised list of your house contents).
The fire.
Your camera - to get a photo of the fire.

You're planning a holiday, and travelling to:
The far reaches of your home country, armed with a backpack and a map.
Whichever country your love-interest lives in.
Your couch.
A pre-planned package trip.
A far-off country that you have always considered "interesting".

You learn about news and current events:
By reading the newspaper.
By reading the newspaper on-line.
By reading the newspaper as you line a birdcage with it.
By reading the newspaper over someone else's shoulder.
By reading last week's newspaper, in the hairdressers.

Love is . . .
. . . all you need.
. . . a battlefield.
. . . a second-hand emotion.
. . . in the air.
. . . like a flower.

Which James Bond are you?
Sean Connery.
George Lazemby.
Roger Moore.
Timothy Dalton.
Pierce Brosnan.

Rabbit-proof fence.

Your preferred footwear:
High heels.
Knee-high boots.

If you were locked in a kindergarten by psychotic lunatics and forced to produce children's art in order to survive, your artwork would be in the style of:
Finger painting.
Pieces of colourful paper (with pinking-shears edges) and glitter, stuck onto butcher paper.
Ink stamps.
Wooden paddle-pop sticks.

Credits: This test was written and designed by Twiggy from the Discworld MUD. Coding tricks stolen from the New Year's Resolution test (who stole them from the Beatle test, who stole them from somebody else . . . )

Counter individuals have abandoned themselves to Tetris-block psychology.