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Meet my dragon, HannahWhat a busy life this is! Hello there, welcome to my tiny cottage on the web! I am currently trying to update all my little web-homes... this is my "wander page", so called because it tends to wander from subject to subject and theme to theme!! Do you have a tendency to wonder about things? I do, and I have to say, I find the World Wide Web a terrific place to "wander as I wonder". I have been really bad about making updates to my pages. Of course, the things I find interesting vary from day to day, so you never know what you'll find here, but I hope you can find something we have in common!! I hope to add, eventually, a "writer's tips" page, recipes, more laughter and a "Whimsical Museum" page!

Those of you who have visited before may notice I have made some changes. Let me know what you think!
Biggest change.. I have added to the poetry pages..

Looking for a better poetry gif! My Whimsical poetry!! Sorry, this is all gone.

Go on, Grab a cuppa joe! Some Whimsically funny things! Another good reason for a website.. something at which to laugh! Incuded here is "COMPulsion check". Are you COMPulsive??

I've got the world on a platter for ya! Whimportant things! This is where I put all that junk I took off this page! No, really.. these are my webrings and favorite links, including hurrahs for and thanks to some of the people whose sites have been immensely helpful. Check them out!

WorldWideInfo!About me, Whimsical1! Just as it implies, a little bit about me and, of course, my babies.

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