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The winners are up!

Congratulations everyone, you did a FANTASIC JOB!
And now... drum roll, please... THE WINNERS!

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Hello and Welcome to the Whimsy Stables' first Grand Champion Photo Show! A round of appluase for everyone who entered :) And stay tuned for the next one - coming Fall 2002.

I hope everyone had lots of fun - I know I certainly did :) All the entries took a tremendous amount of time and imagination, and everyone is to be commend on their efforts. It's almost a shame there has to be a winner!

Questions? Email Me!

A last look at the Classes:

Section #1
  • a) Stallions - open to all stallions
  • b) Mare - open to all mares
  • c) Foal - open to all foals
  • d) Family - any combination of mare/foal/stallion

    Section #2

  • e) Patterns - for Appaloosa, Pinto
  • f) Bays - including duns, black
  • g) Chestnut - including sorrels, palomino
  • h) Grey - both light (white) and dark (dapple)

    Section #3

  • i) Arabian & Desert breeds
  • j) Thoroughbreds & Sport Horses
  • k) Draft breed
  • l) North American breeds
  • m) British breeds
  • n) European breeds
  • o) Spanish breeds

    Section #4

  • p) English
  • q) Western
  • r) Dressage
  • s) Hunter/Jumper
  • t) Cross Country/Racing
  • u) Rodeo/working/harness

    Section #5

  • v) Costumes
  • w) Custom finish
  • x) Fantasy
  • y) Historical Horses
  • z) Fun Pictures

  • Hope everyone had a blast, and hope to see you back next show!

    Best wishes to all,
    Neena Bickram