Irish Traditional Music

Irish Traditional Music

Tune List

In the futile attempt to answer the age old question of, "What tune was that?", I have attempted to write down some tunes that I know I know. However, this list will be updated periodically because I continually find new names for tunes I've played for years.


Reel Abbey Reel
Reel Ashplant
Reel Banshee/McMahon's
Reel Billy Brocker
Reel Boil the Breakfast Early
Reel Bonnie Kate
Reel Boyne Hunt
Reel Boys of Ballisodare
Reel Boys of Malin
Reel Brenda Stubbert's
Reel Buckley's Fancy
Reel Bucks of Oranmore
Reel Burren
Reel Cameronian
Reel Chicago Reel
Reel Chorus Reel
Reel Collier's
Reel Congress Reel
Reel Cooley's
Reel Craig's Pipes
Reel Crowley's
Reel Cup of Tea
Reel Curragh Races
Reel Dick Gossip
Reel Dinky's
Reel Dogs Among the Bushes
Reel Donegal Reel
Reel Down the Broom
Reel Dr. Gilbert's
Reel Drowsy Maggie
Reel Dublin Reel
Reel Dunmore Lasses
Reel Earl's Chair
Reel Eel in the Sink
Reel Farewell to Conaught
Reel Farewell to Ireland
Reel Father Kelly's
Reel Fermoy Lasses
Reel Five Mile Chase
Reel Flogging Reel
Reel Flowers of Red Hill
Reel Foxhunters
Reel Gatehouse Maid
Reel George White's
Reel Glass of Beer
Reel Glen Allen
Reel Glen Road to Carrick
Reel Golden Keyboard
Reel Green Gates
Reel Green Groves of Erin
Reel High Reel
Reel Humours of Ballyconnell
Reel Humours of Tulla
Reel Hunter's House
Reel Hunter's Purse
Reel Ivy Leaf
Reel Jackie Coleman's
Reel Jenny's Chickens
Reel John Brennan's
Reel Jolly Tinker
Reel Julia Delaney
Reel Kennedy's
Reel Kerry Reel
Reel Kilavel Fancy
Reel Kiss Me Kate
Reel Kitty Goes a Milking
Reel Knotted Chord
Reel Lady Anne Montgomery
Reel Lafferty's/Reddigan's
Reel Lucy Campbell's
Reel Maid Behind the Bar
Reel Maids of Mt. Kisco
Reel Man of the House
Reel Mary on the Grove
Reel Mason's Apron
Reel Matt Molloy's I
Reel Matt Molloy's II
Reel Merry Blacksmith
Reel Michael Coleman's
Reel Micho Russell's
Reel Miss McCloud's
Reel Miss Patterson's Slipper
Reel Monaghan Twig
Reel Morning Dew
Reel Morning Star
Reel Mountain Road
Reel Moving Cloud
Reel Mulhaire's
Reel Mulvihill's
Reel Musical Priest
Reel Navvy on the Shore
Reel New Concertina
Reel New Copperplate
Reel Nine Points of Roguery
Reel Noisy Curlew
Reel O'Brien's
Reel Old Bush
Reel Old Concertina
Reel Old Copperplate
Reel O'Rourkes
Reel Over the Moor to Maggie
Reel Paddy Canny's
Reel Pigeon on the Gate
Reel Rakish Paddy
Reel Richard Dwyers I
Reel Richard Dwyers II
Reel Rip the Calico
Reel Road to Lisdoonvarna
Reel Roaring Mary
Reel Rolling in the Ryegrass
Reel Sailor on the Rock
Reel Sally Gardens
Reel Scotch Mary
Reel Sean se ceo
Reel Ships are Sailing
Reel Silver Spear
Reel Sligo Maid
Reel Speed the Plough
Reel Sporting Paddy
Reel St. Anne's Reel
Reel Star of Munster
Reel Sweeny's Buttermilk
Reel Tarbolton
Reel Toss the Feathers Dmaj
Reel Toss the Feathers Emin
Reel Trim the Velvet
Reel Trip to Durrow
Reel Union Reel
Reel Wild Irishman
Reel Wind that Shakes the Barley
Reel Within a mile of Dublin
Reel Woman of the House


Apples in Winter

Jigs Atholl Highlanders
Jigs Austin Barrett's
Jigs Banish Misfortune
Jigs Bank of Turf
Jigs Battering Ram
Jigs Behind the Haystack
Jigs Blarney Pilgrim
Jigs Butcher's March
Jigs Caliope House
Jigs Cat's Meow
Jigs Charlie Mulvihill's
Jigs Cliffs of Moher
Jigs Connachtman's Rambles
Jigs Cook in the Kitchen
Jigs Donnybrook Fair
Jigs Father O'Flynn's
Jigs Gallagher's Frolics
Jigs Gander in the Pratie Hole
Jigs Garrett Barry's
Jigs Geese in the Bog
Jigs Gillian's Apples
Jigs Going to the Well for Water * (slide)
Jigs Hag at the Churn
Jigs Haste to the Wedding
Jigs Humours of Ballyloughlin
Jigs Humours of Ennistymon
Jigs Humours of Glendart
Jigs Jig of Slurs
Jigs Jimmy Ward's
Jigs Kesh Jig
Jigs Kilavel Jig
Jigs King of the Pipers
Jigs Knights of St. Patrick's
Jigs Langstrom's Pony
Jigs Lark in the Morning
Jigs Legacy
Jigs Leitrim Jig
Jigs Lilting Banshee
Jigs Maid at the Spinning Wheel
Jigs Maid on the Green
Jigs Merrily Kissed the Quaker's Wife * (slide)
Jigs Millpond
Jigs Milltown Jig
Jigs Monaghan Jig
Jigs Mooncoin Jig
Jigs Morrison's Jig
Jigs Mug of Brown Ale
Jigs My Darling Asleep
Jigs Old Favourite * (slide)
Jigs Old Joe's Jig
Jigs Out on the Ocean
Jigs Paddy Clancy's
Jigs Paddy McNicholas
Jigs Paddy O'Rafferty
Jigs Paddy Taylor's
Jigs Rambling Pitchfork
Jigs Rose in the Heather
Jigs Saddle the Pony
Jigs Scatter the Mud
Jigs Shores of Lough Gowna
Jigs Sixpenny Money
Jigs Slieve Russell
Jigs Smash the Windows
Jigs Sporting Pitchfork
Jigs Take the Bull by the Horns
Jigs Tatter Jack Walsh
Jigs Tobin's
Jigs Tom Billy's #1
Jigs Trip to Sligo
Jigs Tripping Up the Stairs
Jigs Wandering Minstrel
Jigs Willie Coleman's