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Melody....13.2hh Palomino Mare.
DOB: 1969
First Showjumping Pony that I had.
Semi retired now but still enjoying the odd hack out.
Khan....13.2hh Registered Highland Gelding.
DOB: 1997
Up and coming endurance prospect.
Whisper....13.2hh Registered Highland Gelding.
DOB: 1997
Started being backed, ready to continue training in spring 2001.
Angel.... 16hh Roan Grey Anglo Arab  Mare.
DOB: 1996
Bought by my mother as an endurance prospect.
Sophie....15.2hh TB Mare.
DOB: 1991
Homebred and Handreared.
Has many behavioural problems and is no longer ridden due to rearing.
She attacks people that didnt bottle feed her.
Tiggy....15.2hh Chestnut Anglo Arab  Mare.
DOB: 1975
Tiggy has been diagnosed with having Navicular in 2000.
Amber....16.1hh Chestnut  TB X Hunter Mare.
DOB: 1984
Amber has suffered with Arthiritus since 1998.
She is now retired.
Tributes to Shandy and Robbie.....rescued in 1997, put to rest in 2000.
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