Operation Kitty Rescue
   Operation Kitty Rescue
Welcome to Operation Kitty Rescue.  This all started in June 2003 when I found a feral mother cat and her 6 week old kittens in my backyard.  I trapped the kittens, tamed them, spayed/neutered them, and adopted two of them out.  (I kept the other two).  I also trapped 4 other ferals, including the mother and father, and had them fixed all within one month of trapping the kittens.  Needless to say, I have been involved in rescue and TNR since.
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The kittens that started it all: Smudge, Stretch, Shy, and Mantu
I had to keep them in this cage while taming them.  Believe me, that was not an easy task.  I had endure much hissing at first.  They did not get tame until about ten weeks of age.  Even to this day, the two that I kept will only come to me and run when they see other people.
Sunshine is a beautiful two year old declawed domestic longhair.  She actually belonged to a friend and lived indoors.  My friend had her declawed but not spayed, and she got outside.  My friend was finally able to catch her one week later.  Two weeks after this, my friend informed that she was moving and asked me to take her in and find her a home.  I took her in and immediately took her to the vet to get spayed.  The vet said she was pregnant.  I felt bad, but the vet assured me I did the right thing.
Sunshine is currently up for adoption 
Here is a picture of Sunshine in an outdoor cat enclosure.
Lucky is an adorable 10 week old female kitten.  She is very affectionate and playful.  She looks like a Maine Coon mix.

UPDATE: Lucky was adopted 06/17/04.
Isn't she cute?
I am selling these stretchable cat bracelets for $5.50 and this includes shipping.  I use the money that I make off of these bracelets to TNR and rescue.
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